Saturday, January 5, 2013

Casting Ideas for Female Sin City Characters

Robert Rodriguez once said that he wanted to film all of Frank Miller's Sin City stories, and here are my ideas for casting some of the female characters.

Ava Lord (A Dame to Kill For)- Angelina Jolie

Even though filming has started on Si n City: A Dame to Kill For, and it already has a release date, we still don't know who will be playing the film's title character, the dame to kill for, Mrs. Ava Lord. I have stated on my blog several times that the only actress who I believe can do the character justice is Angelina Jolie. Apparently the part was written with her in mind, as well it should have been. But...there is still no news on the subject, so I am just going to keep writing about how much I want her in this role.

Esther (Hell and Back) -Kerry Washington


Maybe it is just because I chose a great picture of Kerry Washington, but it looks like she could have been used as a model for Frank Miller's drawing of Esther. Not only does she have the looks for it, but the lovely Ms. Washington also has to acting chops to play Wallace's lonely love interest in the Sin City story Hell and Back.
Delia (Blue Eyes) -Marion Cotillard

Blue Eyes is one of my favorite Sin City yarns, so I put a lot of thought into who would make a great Delia. Despite her angelic face, her roles in movies like A Very Long Engagement and The Dark Knight Rises prove that Marion Cotillard makes a great femme fatale. This is very important, since Delia is an assassin who proves her dedication to her work by killing the man that she loves.

Mary (The Babe Wore Red) -Christina Hendricks

Unlike a lot of female Sin City characters, Mary is more of a damsel in distress type role. What makes her interesting is that she gets into all of this trouble the night before she takes her vows to become a nun. The only real requirement that this character has is that the actress is drop dead gorgeous, and while there are several gorgeous actresses, I think that the beautiful Ms. Christina Hendricks would be a great edition to the Sin City series.
Amy (Daddy's Little Girl)- Emily Browning

This is another instance where there is an actress who looks just like the character. I think that Emily Browning would be great as a young woman who is not as sweet and innocent as she looks.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Dream Cast: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I read this book for the first time recently, and I really loved it. Before reading it, I had seen two different film versions, the Disney version and the one with Anthony Hopkins. While reading it I also watched the one with Mandy Patinkin and Salma Hayek. A lot of people get annoyed that movies keep getting made of the same book, but I actually like it when it is a story that I love. I've seen a buttload of different versions of my two favorite books, Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights, and I love watching the different versions to see what they do differently with the stories. So, as you can very well imagine, I was excited when I heard about an upcoming film version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is apparently going to star Josh Brolin, and will have some sort of involvement with Tim Burton, as either director and/ or as a producer.
Whenever I read books I always see them as movies and picture actors as the different characters, so this list came to me while I was reading the book. Here is my dream cast for the upcoming film version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


It has already been announced that Josh Brolin is going to play the bell-ringer, and that is unlikely to change since, unless I am mistaken, Brolin is the one to really get the ball rolling on this film production. While I do love Josh Brolin and am very curious to see him as Quasimodo (as well as the lead in Spike Lee's version of Oldboy), I actually had someone else in mind for Quasimodo while I was reading the book....

I think that Tom Hardy would be great as the Hunchback. With his performance as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, we saw that he's not showing his pretty face. He is great at emoting with just his eyes, which would help bring sympathy to the disfigured bell ringer. Also, he has a pretty distinctive speaking voice, which is something that could benefit the character.

Claude Frollo

Speaking of distinctive speaking voices, I really think that Alan Rickman is the obvious choice for Claude Frollo. There really is no other option that I can think of.
He just has that face and that deep voice that makes him so great at playing villainous characters.


This is the toughest one, in my opinion. Of all the characters in the upcoming film, I think that this is the one people will be judging the casting of the most. She is, after all, the most well-known character in the novel, other than the title character himself. While reading the book, naturally I was picturing myself as Esmeralda, but since that is unlikely to happen, I've thought of some more viable options.

Esmeralda is usually played by an older actress in film versions of Hunchback, but in the book she is actually a teenager, so I thought it made sense to look at younger actresses.

Alicia Vikander

Ivana Baquero
Around the time I was reading the book I saw both A Royal Affair and Anna Karenina, so  I was seeing a lot of Alicia Vikander. I thought that she was great in both of those films and could bring the innocence and naivete to the character of Esmaralda. I also thought of Ivana Baquero. Even though she was really young, I loved her in Pan's Labyrinth, and I was really bummed that she didn't get cast in the upcoming Carrie remake. She has also very pretty, which is pretty much a requirement for whoever plays Esmeralda.
When thinking of someone for Phoebus, I was trying to think of someone who would be handsome enough to make us understand why Esmeralda falls so hard for someone she barely knows. With a character like this, I think that you would have to cast someone really good looking, so that people aren't thinking that Esmeralda is really stupid the whole time. Someone who came to mind was the very good looking Armie Hammer. I think that he would be great at playing the charming Captain of the King's Archers, who is basically the reason for Esmeralda's death.
Pierre Gringoire

Ben Whishaw
Andrew Garfield

When I was reading the book, I was only thinking of Andrew Garfield as Gringoire. After seeing Skyfall, however, I have been watching Ben Whishaw in a lot of things, and have decided that he should be in every movie ever. I've liked him ever since I saw him in I'm Not There (he was my second favorite Bob Dylan, after Cate Blanchett), but I am REALLY starting to like him now, and it helps that a lot of his films (and one of my new favorite shows, The Hour) have been on TV a lot during my winter break. I think that either of these two handsome British actors would be great as the poet who Esmeralda marries to save his life. I am leaning a bit more towards Whishaw, however. He is great at playing a poet (Bright Star).