Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Characters in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

There are several movies coming out this year that I am super excited to see. Guillermo Del Toro finally has another movie coming out, there are remakes to some of my favorite movies (Carrie and Oldboy) that I'm pretty curious to see, and the next Hunger Games movie actually looks pretty good. The movie that is number one on my must see list, however, is Sin City: A Dame to Kill for, which is coming out on October 4th! Here's a little looksie at the fabulous cast in this movie.

Returning Characters: 

 As you can see, we have a lot of the main cast returning for the sequel. Marv, Gail, Wendy, and Goldie are all in A Dame to Kill For, which is set before the stories in the first Sin City movie (which is why Marv and Goldie are still alive). There is also going to be an original story about Nancy, which is where I am assuming that Hartigan and Senator Roark are going to come into play. 

Returning Characters, New Actors
 One thing that I hate about sequels is when they recast characters. They did that a lot for this movie, but for some of them, it really couldn't be helped.

Dwight McCarthy
This is a time where it was necessary to recast the actor. For those of y'all who don't know (or didn't really pay attention to the dialogue in the first movie), in the story A Dame to Kill For, Dwight has a different face. Not to give away the end of the movie but (SPOILER ALERT) he gets his new face at the end of the story, so I'm really curious if Clive Owen is going to make a cameo...
Anyways, I think that Josh Brolin is a great choice for pre-surgery Dwight, and I was psyched when Robert Rodriguez put the above pic on his Twitter!


This is the one that I was the most bummed about. Apparently Devon Aoki is preggers, so they replaced her with Jamie "suddenly-i'm-in-everything" Chung.


This recasting just makes me sad. Manute has a much bigger part in A Dame to Kill For than he did in The Big Fat Kill, so they had to replace Michael Clarke Duncan after he passed away. Dennis Haysbert has that great deep voice of his, so I'm sure he'll make a great Manute.


For the longest time I kept reading that Michael Madsen was going to come back and I had no idea what part Jeremy Piven was going to play. According to IMDb, however, Jeremy Piven is replacing Madsen as Bob, Hartigan's partner. I'm assuming he is going to be part of the Nancy storyline.

New Characters

Ava Lord

 Although I am really disappointed that she is not being played by Angelina Jolie (see here), I think that Eva Green is a decent choice for Ava Lord. 

Joey and Sally

Joey and Sally are two characters that appear at the beginning of the A Dame to Kill For story. Joey is a married man, and Sally is his go-to girl from Old Town who speaks in a babyish voice to please her customers (and ends up needing saving by Dwight). I think that Ray Liotta and Juno Temple are good choices, but since Temple is so young, it'll make it pretty creepy.


Christopher Meloni is going to play Mort, a Sin City cop who ends up falling in love with Ava Lord.

Johnny and Marcy

These are two completely original characters that have not appeared in any of the Sin City comics. According to Wikipedia, Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a cocky gambler, and Marcy (Julia Garner) is a stripper that he meets.

There is still no word on who is going to play Ava's husband, Damien Lord. Until I read that he was going to be playing Bob, this is who I thought that Jeremy Piven was going to play.

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