Monday, April 30, 2012

My Review: The Raven

 Even though it has nothing to do with this movie, I just want to start out this review by saying how annoying it is that I am 22 years of age and I am still getting carded for R rated movies! Apparently I look really young, but god damn! I have been able to see R rated movies without a parent for the past 5 years!
Anyways, I thought that this movie was okay. I think that it has an interesting concept, which is that a murderer is committing murders based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. So, this sexy detective gets Poe to help him try to catch the murderer. Things get worse when Poe's sweetheart gets kidnapped and the killer starts to leave clues for how they can find her. This movie does have some good moments, but I personally didn't think that it was as suspenseful as it could have been. They go through the different stories really quickly and don't go indepth in them. The whole point of this movie was that they were based on his stories, but basically all they did was point out which story it was and that was it. And as for the Pit and the Pendulum, the only aspect of the story that was there was the fact that they used a pendulum, and that went to fast. The whole point of the pendulum, I thought was the anticipation of death because it keeps swinging back and forth and here the guy just died right away. Also, I could be wrong because I've never read the story and have only seen the movie, but I thought that the guy who was under the pendulum got away and didn't die. I was also pretty disappointed when we found out who the killer was. Instead of being like OMG I was just like "oh..." I do think that John Cusack made a good Edgar Allen Poe, however, so that was a plus. My rating 5/10

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Shows: Glee

I used to think that this show was absolutely hilarious. It was campy and different than other shows I have seen before. After I while though I started caring less and less about the characters and realized that I didn't really care what happened with most of the storylines. I don't really care if Rachel and Finn get married or not or if Mercedes gets back together with Sam. So, why is it that I keep watching this show every week? Well...I'll tell you.

Kurt and Blaine! They are basically the only reason I still watch this show. They are the most adorable couple on TV right now and I get insanely happy when I see these two on screen. During the first season, Kurt used to actually bug me a bit because it seemed that he couldn't go an episode without getting all dramatic and crying. I like him a lot better now that he is with Blaine. I actually get really stupid and fangirly during several of their scenes. Like this one for example...

I seriously can not watch this scene without freaking out like a 13 year old. I just watched this like 10 mintues ago and I felt like such a huge dork because I actually started crying. The look on Kurt's face after Blaine kisses him slays me every time. ITS SO GOD DAMN CUUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!

This season we have even had a little drama for Kurt and Blaine. A lot of Klaine fans were furious when they introduced Sebastian as a potential threat to Kurt. Maybe it's because I like a little drama, but I was intrigued. I mean, every other couple on Glee had some love triangle issues, so why shouldn't Kurt and Blaine? Also, Kurt is adorable when he is jealous.

Also, I have the biggest crush on Darren Criss. He is great as Blaine and is sooo good looking.

Anytime that he is not on screen I am waiting until he is on screen. It was horrible when he got slushied in the eye and we didn't see him for a while. At the end of the Valentine's Day episode when he makes his surprise entrance and sings Love Shack, I actually screamed like a little girl.

I am bummed that the season is almost over, but I'm really curious about how they are going to end the season. Since Kurt is most likely moving to New York to go to school, what is going to happen between him and Blaine? Are they going to have a long distance relationship? Are they going to break up? If they break up is Blaine going to get together with Sebastian?

Here is a great video I found of Blaine. It only appears to have quotes from season 2, but is still pretty cool.

And because you can never see too much of Darren/ Blaine, here is his great performance of "Fighter" which is probably his sexiest performance. Blaine + Shower Scene + Boxing = me happy.

My TV Addiction

I never used to watch so much TV. Okay...that is a total lie. I when I was younger I watched a shitload of TV but I mostly watched movies on TV and I never really had shows. Even when I was in high school the only shows that I watched every week were The Office, 30 Rock, and Saturday Night Live. When I started college I didn't have television (and hated watching things online) so I never watched TV. Nowadays, though, I am a total TV addict. I have thirteen different TV shows currently on air (or on break) that I watch every week. Here is my current TV schedule...

Sunday: Game of Thrones, Mad Men
Monday: Gossip Girl
Tuesday: Glee, New Girl
Thursday: Community, The Big Bang Theory

There are also several shows that I watch that are currently on break. They are: True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Shameless, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story.

Since I am crazy about all of these shows I am going to write little posts about each of them...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Finished Reading: Mockingjay

There is nothing worse than having someone spoil the ending for you. (So, if you haven't read this book yet don't read on). One day I was on the Hunger Games tag on Tumblr and some asshole wrote that at the end of this book Prim dies and she chooses Peeta! I was so pissed! But...even though I knew how this book ended it was still great to read. This book was a lot darker than the two previous books, and that is saying a lot considering that the first two were about games where people had to compete to kill eachother. People are dying left and right in this one. I'm just curious about how they are going to tame this book for a PG-13 rated movie, because you know they are going to. I'm REALLY curious about how they are going to handle the whole bombing of the children thing. I mean in the book there are disciptions of children's limbs getting blown off and it just sounds like a bloody mess.
I'm actually kind of bummed that this is the last book, like I am whenever I finish a series I like. But...I still have two more movies to look forward to. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Gale in the next two movies, and I am pretty disappointed that she didn't choose him. She says at the end that she couldn't be with Gale because they were too similar and Peeta complimented her better, but whatever...I still like Gale a little bit more. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Review: Cabin in the Woods

Today is my 22nd birthday and this year I decided to make my birthday movie The Cabin in the Woods. Last year my birthday movie was Your Highness, and I was totally disappointed. That was SOOOO not the case this year. This movie was fucking fantastic! It starts off with the cliched horror movie opening and dialogue of a group of friends who go off to a (guess what!) cabin in the woods. We then find out that the whole area they go to is controlled by some guys in some building somewhere. (That is a horrible description but its the best I can do). It is just really funny because they all make bets about what evil entity they will end up summoning, and it turns out to be a family of zombies. After that they all start getting picked off one by one. I was thinking that it was going to be a really short movie, but then towards the end it completely flips it around and my mind was BLOWN!
This movie starts out as a cliched horror film with a bit of an edge and turns into a horror fan's wet dream! I don't want to give away too much, but lets just say that if you love horror movies you will not be disappointed. I was literally in awe watching the second half of this movie! Also, I'm pretty good at recognizing people's voices, and I recognized Sigourney Weaver's instantly. My rating: 10/10

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sin City 2: Who Should Play Ava Lord?

I never thought that Sin City 2 would ever get made. It has been seven years since the first movie came out! I was a freshman in high school when the first Sin City movie came out. I waited patiently for a sequel that never got made. Then today I read some great news! Robert Rodriquez and Frank Miller are officially going to make Sin City 2, which will be based on the book A Dame To Kill For (my favorite in the series) and that they are going to start shooting this summer. You can read more about it HERE.
It also states that they are going to start casting next week. The most important casting decision they will make will be for the role of Ava Lord. She is a beautiful femme fatale, who convinces Dwight (played by Clive Owen in the first film) to murder her husband. She sort of like Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, and Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction all rolled into one except a bit deadlier.

Who ever plays Ava Lord would, of course, have to be very beautiful. She is considered to be a goddess by Manute, and uses her looks to manipulate men. She would also have to be very devious to play the femme fatale role. In the past there have been rumors about which actress would play Ava Lord, and I think that they were all great choices.

Rachel Weisz definitely has the beauty to play Ava Lord, and I think it would be great to see her play a villian, which is something that we haven't seen from her yet.

Salma has worked with Robert Rodriquez in the past, so its no surprise that she was rumored for the role. She hasn't had any really cool movie roles in a while, so this might be a good one for her.

Rose McGowan has also been rumored for the role. I loved her in Planet Terror, but I just don't see her as Ava Lord. Here are some actresses who have not been rumored for the role, but I think should be in consideration:

I love Christina Hendricks as Joan on Mad Men, and her role on Firefly proves that she can play a manipulative bad girl. She definitely has the looks and the sex appal for a role like this, but her sweet voice might be an issue. I think Ava Lord should have more of a commanding presence.

French beauty Marion Cotillard might seem like an odd choice for femme fatale Ava Lord, but I think that she could be great in a role like this.

Even though I think that the four women I mentioned above would be great choices for Ava Lord, there is really only one actress in my mind who I think would REALLY pull it off. She is the obvious choice really. Not only in my mind, but she is also an actress that has been rumored for this role, and with good reason. She would be perfect! Who am I referring to? Well, I am of course referring to the beautiful Ms. Angelina Jolie...

Not only would she make the perfect femme fatale, but I think that she would have great chemistry with Clive Owen. ( I know that they've worked together before, but I've never seen Beyond Borders). As excited I am already about my favorite Sin City book being brought to life on the big screen, I would be that much more excited if Jolie were cast as Ava Lord. You could easily see her as a woman referred to as a goddess, a woman who can chew men up then spit them out.

I actually posted about this two years ago HERE. I also found this neat fan-made poster of Jolie as Lord.

My All-Female Reservoir Dogs post...

Wow, it seems that my blog post about my dream cast for an all-female Reservoir Dogs is getting a lot of attention. I wrote it about a week ago, and it is already one of the most viewed posts on my blog ever. About five minutes ago I found through my Twitter an article that was written about my post, and they even made a poster! How cool is this?

Dream Movie Cast

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Most Anticipated Movies for 2012 (Part 2)

For my last list I did January through March, and now I'm going to do April through June. I was checking out my part one and even though I had over a dozen films listed, I only saw  6 of them. be fair, two of them have release dates that were pushed back, and two come out in two days. So, here is my list of movies that I plan on seeing in April, May, and June.


This is going to be my birthday movie! It comes out tomorrow, but I'm going to wait until Wednesday to see it. Last year my birthday movie was Your Highness, so here's hoping that this will be better than that! I have read/ heard nothing but good things about this movie, though, so it should be good.

I think that this movie looks pretty interesting, and as a major plus it is directed by Mary Harron, who directed two other films that I love, American Psycho and The Notorious Bettie Page.

This isn't the type of film that I usually like, but it features Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, and that is enough for me to want to see it.

I have never actually read anything by Edgar Allen Poe, with exception of The Raven, but who hasn't read that? I have, however, seen films based on his work that star Vincent Price (my favorite being The Pit and the Pendulum). I know that that is not a good substitute, but that made me curious about his works. Seeing the super cool trailer for this movie makes me want to read his stuff even more.


Yes yes yes yes!!! This movie is going to be so cool!!! Even if the script is terrible, just the fact that we are seeing a movie with Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and Captain America together would be enough to satisfy anyone. I mean I super excited to see Hawkeye's little cameo in Thor, I can't imagine how I'm going to be when I watch THIS movie.

I have never seen the show Dark Shadows, so I didn't really know what to expect from this movie. I just saw that Tim Burton was the director and then saw the cast and I was like "I'm there!" I thought it was going to be a darker movie, but to my surprise when watching the trailer, it is a comedy. I really love every single person cast in this movie and can not wait for this to come out!

Men in Black was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, so this is another one that I am really excited for. Plus, I'm curious to see Josh Brolin as a younger Tommy Lee Jones. That is pretty perfect casting if you ask me...

This movie looks super cute. From the moment the kid said "What kind of bird are YOU" I was hooked. Plus, Wes Anderson hasn't disappointed me yet...


Although I still think it is hilarious that we are supposed to believe that Kristen Steward is "fairer" than Charlize Theron, I am really excited to see Theron as the queen. Plus this movie just looks really cool!

Of all the films coming out in 2012, this is number one of the films I want to see! It just looks amazing. It is directed by Ridley Scott,  is somehow connected to the Alien universe, and has the coolest cast ever! It has Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, AND Guy Pearce! Perfection!

How can you see that title and not want to see this movie? I'm just bummed that Liam Neeson isn't going to play Abe Lincoln in the more serious biopic about him. That would have been perfect because the guy who played the younger version of him in Kinsey plays Lincoln in this movie.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Dream Cast for an All-Female Version of Reservoir Dogs

It sucks to admit it, but the coolest characters in movies are always played by men. We usually get to see the men be the badasses, the eccentrics, and the oddballs, while the women are stuck in the caregiver or the love interest role. I was reading recently about how Jason Reitman directed an all black version of Reservoir Dogs with actors like Lawrence Fishburne and Terrence Howard, and I thought that was super cool. Then I was thinking about how cool it would be if they did a production with an all female cast. So, I've been thinking all day about who I would cast in an all-female version of Tarantino's classic film. Here is who came to mind:

Joe Cabot
Originally played by: Lawrence Tierney
It would need to be an older actress who could be intimidating and a total grumpy boss lady. I think that this would be a perfect role for someone like Glenn Close. And after seeing her in The Fighter, I think that Melissa Leo would be great too.

Nice Guy Eddie
Originally played by: Chris Penn

When thinking about this, for some reason Christina Ricci came to mind. I think she could bring in that mixture of humor and sleaze that nice guy Eddie has and I can just picture her yelling, "Stop pointing that gun at my daaad!" (Well, mom in this case...) Also, I just love Christina Ricci and would love to see her in everything.

Mr. White
Originally played by: Harvey Keitel

Such a tough choice! I had three actresses come to mind for the female version of Mr. White. She would have to be someone the others could respect but would also have to be really likable. This would be a great role for actresses like Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, and Holly Hunter.

Mr. Orange
Originally played by: Tim Roth
This person would be playing and undercover cop who spends most of the movie bleeding to death. I think that Melanie Laurent would be great in this role. I loved her in Inglourious Basterds, and think that she would own this role.

Mr. Pink
Originally played by: Steve Buscemi
This one was actually the hardest for me to think of. There really isn't a female Steve Buscemi. After thinking about it for a while though I thought of Toni Collette for this, and then I couldn't think of anyone else. She would be perfect!
Mr. Blonde
Originally played by Michael Madsen
My first thought was to cast Angelina Jolie in this part. She makes such a great villain and her performance as sociopath Lisa Roe in Girl Interrupted proves that she could do a role like this. The problem with her in the role though is that she is maybe too big of a star and it would distract from the character. So, another person that I think would be great would be the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace.

Mr. Brown
Originally played by: Quentin Tarantino
This isn't a very big role. This person would just need to tell the Like a Virgin story in the diner scene and then get killed off right away. I would be kind of cool if Tarantino muse Uma Thurman did a little cameo as this role.