Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just Finished Reading: Great Expectations

I saw a really old film version of this a while ago. It was the one with Jean Simmons playing the young Estella and Valerie Hobson playing the older version. I thought that Estella and Ms. Havisham seemed like very interesting characters, so that is the main reason I wanted to read this. I was kind of bummed that there wasn't as much about Estella as I hoped there would be. Having said that, I do think that this is a great story. I suppose it is meant to be somewhat of a mystery, but since I saw the movie I already knew who Pip's benefactor was. So, instead I got to read this knowing something that the main character didn't, which was pretty interesting, especially since he spends a majority of the novel thinking that it was Ms. Havisham. I'm really excited to see the upcoming film version of this movie. I think that Helena Bonham Carter is a bit young to play Ms. Havisham, but I think that she'll be great nevertheless. I'm also looking forward to seeing Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch and Holliday Granger as Estella.

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