Friday, April 13, 2012

Sin City 2: Who Should Play Ava Lord?

I never thought that Sin City 2 would ever get made. It has been seven years since the first movie came out! I was a freshman in high school when the first Sin City movie came out. I waited patiently for a sequel that never got made. Then today I read some great news! Robert Rodriquez and Frank Miller are officially going to make Sin City 2, which will be based on the book A Dame To Kill For (my favorite in the series) and that they are going to start shooting this summer. You can read more about it HERE.
It also states that they are going to start casting next week. The most important casting decision they will make will be for the role of Ava Lord. She is a beautiful femme fatale, who convinces Dwight (played by Clive Owen in the first film) to murder her husband. She sort of like Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, and Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction all rolled into one except a bit deadlier.

Who ever plays Ava Lord would, of course, have to be very beautiful. She is considered to be a goddess by Manute, and uses her looks to manipulate men. She would also have to be very devious to play the femme fatale role. In the past there have been rumors about which actress would play Ava Lord, and I think that they were all great choices.

Rachel Weisz definitely has the beauty to play Ava Lord, and I think it would be great to see her play a villian, which is something that we haven't seen from her yet.

Salma has worked with Robert Rodriquez in the past, so its no surprise that she was rumored for the role. She hasn't had any really cool movie roles in a while, so this might be a good one for her.

Rose McGowan has also been rumored for the role. I loved her in Planet Terror, but I just don't see her as Ava Lord. Here are some actresses who have not been rumored for the role, but I think should be in consideration:

I love Christina Hendricks as Joan on Mad Men, and her role on Firefly proves that she can play a manipulative bad girl. She definitely has the looks and the sex appal for a role like this, but her sweet voice might be an issue. I think Ava Lord should have more of a commanding presence.

French beauty Marion Cotillard might seem like an odd choice for femme fatale Ava Lord, but I think that she could be great in a role like this.

Even though I think that the four women I mentioned above would be great choices for Ava Lord, there is really only one actress in my mind who I think would REALLY pull it off. She is the obvious choice really. Not only in my mind, but she is also an actress that has been rumored for this role, and with good reason. She would be perfect! Who am I referring to? Well, I am of course referring to the beautiful Ms. Angelina Jolie...

Not only would she make the perfect femme fatale, but I think that she would have great chemistry with Clive Owen. ( I know that they've worked together before, but I've never seen Beyond Borders). As excited I am already about my favorite Sin City book being brought to life on the big screen, I would be that much more excited if Jolie were cast as Ava Lord. You could easily see her as a woman referred to as a goddess, a woman who can chew men up then spit them out.

I actually posted about this two years ago HERE. I also found this neat fan-made poster of Jolie as Lord.

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  1. I want Rose Mcgowan to play Ava, she plays a bitch so well, and I feel her sultry voice and great talent in expressing sassy sarcasm would really define Ava's personality.