Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spotlight On: John Hurt

This spotlight is on one of my favorite British actors, John Hurt. He is a great actor who has appeared in a bunch of my favorite science fiction films. What I like most about him, however, has to be his speaking voice. He just has this great voice that makes everything sound epic and important. I just want him to narrate anything and everything. He has had a long and great career, and here are my favorite films of his.


John Hurt is in what is definitely the most memorable scene in Alien. He plays Kane, a man who has a facehugger attach itself to his face. After it comes off, everyone thinks that he is fine, but we soon find out that the facehugger was using his body as a human host for a xenomorph to grow in. If they would have just listened to Ripley and kept him off of the ship then nobody (else) would have died.

He also had a cameo a few years later in Spaceballs playing the same character. It is without a doubt the funniest scene in the movie.

The Elephant Man
This is a movie that just breaks my heart into a million pieces. Hurt plays John Merrick, a man born with severe deformities. He starts out the movie being part of a circus freak show, then gets brought to a hospital where he meets people who actually start to care about him.

Here he plays the protagonist in the film adaptation of one of the greatest sci fi novels of all time. What is really cool is that this movie was actually made in 1984.

This movie and the sequel are both proof that John Hurt should narrate every single movie ever. His voice makes this movie that much more epic. If it wasn't for that voice of his I never would have even recognized him in this movie.

V For Vendetta
Here is is in another dystopian future, except instead of being the victim, he is the villain. He plays a dictator named Adam Sutler who takes over control of England after a series of horrible events that leave people in fear. John Hurt is great as Chancellor Sutler. Even though the majority of the time we see him is just people watching him on a screen, he is so intimidating. You almost understand why people would just let him take over.

I actually enjoyed this movie. One of the better things about it was John Hurt as the older version of Zeus. Even though the majority of the movie we see Zeus as younger, when he is on Earth he disguises himself as older so he can train Henry Cavill's character. Plus...John Hurt narration makes every movie better.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I was kind of bummed that he wasn't in this movie more, but he was one of the many great British actors in this movie.

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