Saturday, January 28, 2012

Michael Fassbender Appreciation

I did my weekly Spotlight post on Michael Fassbender back in June, but I see now that I really should have waited. Not only have I seen a few more of his older films since then, but he has had three films come out in theaters since I made that post. In fact, three of the last four movies that I have seen in theaters featured this sexy Irishman. He has just been everywhere in the past year and I love how popular he has become. While the first movie I ever saw him in was 300, the first movie that I really noticed him in was Inglourious Basterds. I just thought he was a handsome devil, and I was thrilled to see all of the cool upcoming roles he had after that. You can pretty much track my Michael Fassbender obsession on this blog. My very first Fassy related post was back in November of 2010 and was about how much I wanted to see Jane Eyre. I even featured him in my list of Actors I'd Watch in Anything back in March before I even saw Jane Eyre. I was definitely true to my word because I have seen every movie he has been in in theaters since then.

Jane Eyre

I love the Brontes! While I prefer Wuthering Heights, I still really love Jane Eyre. I thought that Fassy was amazing as Mr. Rochester. He just oozes sex appeal in this movie, even though it is a pretty unsexy role (Rochester is supposed to be unattractive after all). After seeing this I really just wanted to see Fassbender in a million more romantic leads! I actually cried during the part where he proposed to Jane. Speaking of Fassy and the Brontes, I actually read somewhere that he was originally cast as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights with Abbie Cornish as Cathy before Andrea Arnold became the director. THAT is a movie that I want to see!

X-Men First Class
I remember being really psyched when casting news started coming in for this movie. I remember thinking James McAvoy would be great as Professor X, but I was really intrigued about Fassbender being cast as Magneto. Even though I had only ever seen him in 300 and Inglourious Basterds at this point, I knew that he would be great. Which he was!!! His performance as Erik was definitely the best thing about this movie! I can not wait for a sequel because I really want to see more of Magneto and Mystique!

Fassbender gave a really powerful performance in this movie. (I'm still annoyed at him being snubbed by the Oscars). I really thought that this movie would be really sexy, but it is more sad than anything because you know that each time his character has sex (which is many many times) he is just feeding his sex addiction. The scene where his sister walks in on him masterbating was really hard to watch because even though it just should have been an embarassing moment, he was so ashamed that he flipped out on her and it was actually somewhat frightening. Oh and BTW...George Clooney really wasn't exhaggerating with his comment at the Golden Globes. ( I mean WOW!)

A Dangerous Method
While I didn't think Shame was all that sexy, I thought that this movie was really sexy. But...what do you expect in a movie about Freud? Keira Knightley goes way over the top with her performance in the beginning of the movie, the scenes with her and Fassbender are much better after her character starts to get over her crazy. While this movie has a sex scene with the two of them, plus two (!) spanking scenes, I thought that the parts of the two of them just talking to eachother were much sexier.

I was super bummed that his role was so small in this movie. He plays a British Intelligence guy who gets killed off right away. (LAME!) He does have a really cool fight scene with Gina Carano though, and what few scenes he has are further proof that he would make a great James Bond!

Now what?
Now that I have seen Haywire, I have to wait five whole months to see him in movie theaters again! I think it will be worth the wait though, because Prometheus looks super cool!
For starters, it may or may not be related to the Alien movies (which I love! Ellen Ripley FTW!). How badass is that? I also think that I read somewhere (of course I could just be making shit up) that he is playing a cyborg, like Ash in the first Alien movie. Also, how amazing is the cast for this movie. Not only does it have Fassy, but also Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, and Patrick Wilson! I do not object to any of those actors. AMAZING CAST!

He is also doing another movie with Steve McQueen called Twelve Years a Slave which will also feature Brad Pitt and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Looking forward to it!

What will I do until June to get my Fassy fix? I suppose I could watch one of my (five, I think I have a problem) DVDs that feature Fassbender. (300, Fish Tank, Inglourious Basterds, Jane Eyre and X-Men First Class). To be fair, those DVD purchases weren't only due to my fangirlishness....I really love all five of those movies.

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