Friday, June 24, 2011

Spotlight On: Bjork

This week's spotlight is one Bjork, who is one of my all-time favorite singers. She has the most amazing singing voice, and is the most interesting vocalist in music today. There is also a lot of variety in her music. I have Bjork songs for when I want to chill and listen to something calming, songs for when I want something upbeat, and also songs that are really fun to sing along to. Here are some of my favorites of hers.

The Sugarcubes




Dancer in the Dark
These are songs she did for the movie Dancer in the Dark, which she also starred in.




I am super excited for this album to come out! It is supposed to come out some time this year!!!

Also...I really love the remix of Army of Me that was on the soundtrack to the movie Sucker Punch. One of my favorite remixes its one of my favorite Bjork songs...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Finished Reading: The Strain

I got this book for Christmas and I finally got around to reading it. I have read a lot of vampire novels, and I must say that this one was pretty cool. I would expect nothing less from Guillermo Del Toro who has made some amazing films, including his vampire film Cronos. In this book, which he wrote with Chuck Hogan, a plane lands and all of the passengers aboard are mysteriously found dead. It turns out that they have all been turned into vampires, so their corpses escape and wreak havoc in the city of New York. These vampires have white blood and these gross stingers that come out from under their tongue. Overall, they sound pretty gross. The Strain is almost 600 pages, but it is a pretty easy read. It is a really interesting story, and I am super excited to read the second book.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Character of the Week: Otto from A Fish Called Wanda

This week's character of the week is from one of the funniest movies ever. All of the actors in this films are hilarious, but the one that sticks out the most is probably Kevin Kline as Otto. He is a stupid, philosophy reading weapons expert who helps assist in a robbery. This, in my opinion is Kline's greatest film role, and he is brilliant in this film. Just the look on his face when he first hears Ken's stutter is priceless. No matter how many times I see this movie, that part always makes me laugh. Basically any scene with him and Ken is funny as hell. Also, I think it takes a great actor just to make a single word hilarious, and when he says "asshoooooole" or "apologiiiiiiiize" it is just classic.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Movie I Want To See: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

No movie coming out this year looks as cool and amazing as David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I read this book last summer and loved it to death, so I am just super excited for this film. I have to wait 6 months, but I have a feeling that it will be worth it. Fincher was a great choice for director, it has an amazing cast, and one of the coolest movie trailers I have ever seen (that has a kick ass song.) I thought that the Swedish version was good, and Noomi Rapace was great as Lisbeth Salander, but those films just werent as great as they could have been. I think that Fincher's film version are going to be mindblowing.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Review: Bridesmaids

This movie was funny as hell!!! I saw this last night with my mom, and we were both pretty much pissing ourselves over this movie. It has absolutely hilarious performances from Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Maya Rudolph as the bride to be. Rose Byrne is great as the antagonist to Wiig's protagonist, and is spending the whole movie trying to steal her best friend. There wasn't a single scene in this movie that didn't have me laughing my ass off or screaming out in disgust (while also laughing). I just love Kristen Wiig! I've always loved her on SNL, and she was hilarious in films like Knocked Up and Paul. It is awesome to see her get her own movie, and especially one as great as this. I also have to give props to Melissa McCarthy, who I have always loved as cheery Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, who gives an absolutely fearless performance here. Who knew the chef of the Dragonfly Inn was so hilarious? I also loved the scenes with Wiig and Chris O'Dowd who plays her love interest. I thought the two of them were just cute together. Jon Hamm was also great as her douchebag fuckbuddy. My one complaint is that I wish Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey had more scenes because they were both hilarious too in what scenes they had. Anyways, this is definitely a movie to see with all of your girlfriends, or just anybody and everybody. Kristen Wiig's penis impression alone is worth the press of admission. My rating: 10/10

Friday, June 17, 2011

Spotlight On: Michael Fassbender

This week's spotlight is on one of my new favorite actors, Michael Fassbender. I have only seen a handful of his films, so I was going to wait to do this until I saw more, but I really didn't want to wait. I just love the variety of roles that he has played, and how he is such a versatile actor. He is also incredibly handsome, and has one of the best smiles. Here are some of the films that I have adored him in.

In 300, Fassbender plays Stelios, who is one of the best looking Spartans and also has some of the coolest lines in the whole movie. Him and Astinos provide some of the film's comic relief because they are always competing with eachother. I couldn't find a good video to embed, but you can watch one of his more memorable scenes HERE 

In Angel, Fassbender plays Esme, a womanizing artist who marries the title character, who is portrayed by the lovely Romola Garai. He is incredibly sexy in this film, but also quite sad. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending for poor Esme. My favorite scene is when Angel proposes to him, but I couldn't find a video. However, here is another really good scene.

Fish Tank
In Fish Tank, he plays Connor, a guy who moves in with the main character because he starts dating her mom. He starts out seeming like a really nice guy, but by the end of the movie you see that he is a real shit.

Inglourious Basterds
Here he plays Archie Hicox, a film critic turned Lieutenant, who poses as a German soldier in Operation Kino. He is in one of the best scenes in the whole movie, when they are down in the bar and the plan goes wrong. The look on his face when he realizes that hes been found out is one of my all-time favorite reaction shots. Here is another good scene.

Jane Eyre
Michael Fassbender has probably ruined all other Mr. Rochesters for me. I few days ago and older version of Jane Eyre was on TV, and although I liked who played Jane, I hated the Mr. Rochester!!! In actuality, the man on TV was much more suited to the role because Rochester isn't supposed to be handsome, but it just really made me want to watch this version again. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out on DVD until August!

X-Men: First Class
Loved this movie!!!! They couldn't have cast a better Magneto. I really just want the people at Marvel to start working on the follow-up. Right now.

Upcoming Projects:
He has some really cool-looking movies coming out in the next couple of years. The ones that I am really excited for are Shame with Carey Mulligan, A Dangerous Method with Keira Knightley, and Prometheus with Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron.

And just because I like listening to him speak...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Character of the Week: Blair Waldorf

This week's character of the week is from a show I haven't watched in forever. I used to watch this show religiously, but I stopped in the middle of the third season for some reason or another. Anyways, my favorite character was always Blair Waldorf. She always had the most amazing clothes, and I just loved how she was such a bitch. She definitely had the best lines in the whole show. I don't really miss the show all that much because it was slowly getting worse and worse, but I do miss Blair and Chuck. I never really like Serena and Jenny, and Nate was pretty much just there. Yep, Blair was definitely the best character in the whole show, especially during the first season, which is the only season that I own.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Spotlight On: Keira Knightley

This week's spotlight is on the lovely Keira Knightley. I have been huge fan of hers since I was like thirteen. I remember seeing her on a movie poster for Pirates of the Caribbean way before it came out and I just thought that she was gorgeous! Well, not only is she beautiful, but she is also a very talented actress, and one of my favorites working today. Here are some of my favorite films of hers that I have seen throughout the years.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
A lot of people don't know this, but one of Keira Knightley's first film roles was in the first Star Wars prequel. She played Sabe, the decoy for Natalie Portman's Queen Amidala. Apparently she was cast due to a strong resemblance to Portman. I really don't think that they look all that alike anymore, but when I saw this in theatres when I was nine, I couldn't tell the difference between when Portman was the queen and when Knightley was.

Princess of Thieves
When I was a kid I was a sucker for warrior girl movies, so I totally had this on VHS. In this film she plays Robin Hood's daughter. Interesting fact: Stephen Moyer from True Blood plays her love interest Price Philip. I actually did not know that until a few minutes ago when I was on IMDB. I haven't watched this movie in forever!

The Hole
In this movie, Knightley plays a popular high school girl who gets trapped in a bunker with three of her classmates. What is hilarious is that I actually own this movie. I remember I waited forever for it to come out on DVD in America because I really wanted to see it, so I just bought it. Its not the best movie in the world, but it's not terrible. Both Knightley and Thora Birch give good performances.

Doctor Zhivago
I actually saw this version before the one with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie. I  recorded episode one off of the TV when it was on PBS and I would watch it all the time. I didn't see the second episode until a year or so ago when I got it from Netflix. I always loved Knightley as Lara, the pretty Russian girl who is seduced by an older man then falls for a married poet/ doctor.

Bend It Like Beckham

In this film, Knightley plays a soccer player who has dreams of moving to America to play professionally. One of the very few films where she isn't playing the pretty girl. I just think its funny that theres even a part where she is mistaken for a guy...

Pirates of the Caribbean

Now onto the movie that made her famous. I remember that I was beyond excited for this movie to come out. We got to the theatre so early that we had to wait in the hallway, because the previous showing was still going on. My favorite scene in the movie has always been the part when Barbossa shows Elizabeth Swann the curse...

Love Actually
In Love Actually, she plays a character who finds out that her new husband's best friend is in love with her. She is in one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie, which you can find HERE

King Arthur

Knightley has always been great in period films, and this one is no exception. This movie has Guinevere as a warrior woman, which you don't see very often. Not one of my favorite films of hers, but it does have its good parts.


In this films she plays Domino Harvey, who was a real model turned bounty hunter, but this film is very very loosly based on her life. What this films is probably the best remembered for is Keira's awesome short haircut.

Pride and Prejudice
This is the film that got Keira her Oscar nomination. It was well deserved, because she was perfect as Elizabeth Bennett in this adaptation of the Jane Austen classic. My favorite scene has to be the part where she rejects Mr. Darcy's proposal.

My goodness, the green dress that she wears in this film is absolutely gorgeous!! In this film she plays Cecilia, a woman in love with the beautiful James McAvoy. Unfortunately, her little sister accuses her love of raping a guest at their house, so they are torn apart. I think that her and McAvoy have such great chemistry in this film, and that library scene is SEXY AS HELL!!!

The Duchess
I remember seeing this movie in theatres and just bawling my eyes out during the scene where she has to give away her baby. I don't remember if I've seen it since, but now I really want to rent it. She gets to wear some amazing costumes in this film.

Never Let Me Go
I love this movie so much. Here she plays a clone named Ruth who was made so they could harvest her organs. In the book she was a rather unlikable character, and I think that Knightley does a great job in this film.

I am super excited to see her in the upcoming David Cronenberg film A Dangerous Method. It also features Viggo Mortensen and the handsome Michael Fassbender.
She is also going to be in a film called Seeking a Friend For the End of the World with Steve Carell that is coming out next year.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Review: X-Men First Class

For starters, let me congratulate/ thank whoever casted this movie. I can not think of two better people to play Professor X and Magneto than James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Those two were perfect in this movie, and not just because they are both extremely good looking men. The rest of the cast was amazing too. I really liked Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and regardless of what I said in an earlier blog post, she does look really cool when she's all blue. I thought that this movie was funny, had some awesome action sequences, and was overall just a perfect example of how superhero films should be. I was pleased to see cameos by both Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn. Romijn is actually in one of my favorite scenes in the movie, where Mystique and Magneto are talking in his bedroom. (I thought it was pretty sexy...) This is a movie that makes me really excited to see the sequel. My one disappointment was that they (spoiler alert!) killed off Darwin right away. I mean, sure, he has more of a defensive mutation and not an offensive one so he wouldn't do very good in fight scenes, but I still think that he is a cool character. Oh, well... My rating: 9/10

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Character of the Week: Frankenstein's Monster

This week's character of the week is from one of my all time favorite stories, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Even though he is remembered as this big scary monster, I've always found Frankenstein's monster to be a much more sympathetic creature. After being born he is neglected by his father and left to fend for himself in a world that he doesn't understand. There is a scene from the first Universal Frankenstein film that I think showcases it perfectly. It isn't from the novel, but is one of the best scenes in the film.

My favorite Frankenstein film is actually the sequel, Bride of Frankenstein. My favorite scene is when the creature is talking to Dr. Pretorius. In the video below, it starts at about 7:54.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Favorite Sci Fi Heroines

While the science fiction genre is known for its handsome, charming heroes like Han Solo and Captain Malcolm Reynolds, for this list I am going to show some appreciation for my favorite science fiction heroines. These are the women who can kick some ass and take some names. While there are several awesome female characters in the sci fi genre, here are my top ten.

1. Ellen Ripley
Ellen Ripley kicks some xenomorph ass in not one, but four different Alien films. The one that she is probably best known for, however, is Aliens. I am a huge Sigourney Weaver fan, and that is in my opinion, the best thing that she has ever been in. No other sci fi heroine will ever come close to the awesomeness that is Ellen Ripley!

2. Mystique

Technically she is more of a villainess than a heroine, but I don't really care because I love Mystique. She is not only the coolest looking X-Men, but she has one of the coolest powers. Along with the ability that she has to turn into anyone, she also has great agility and fighting skills.

3. Sarah Connor
Although she is a bit of a damsel in distress in the first Terminator film, she shows her inner badass at the end when she kills the T-800. "You're terminated fucker!" It is in the second film where she becomes a truly badass sci fi heroine, only this time she has to work with a T-800 to fight against the T-1000.

4. LeeLoo
Growing up, The Fifth Element was one of my favorite movies. Naturally, my favorite character was always LeeLoo, the "perfect being" and the fifth element. The best part of this movie is most definitely the part where she is fighting all of those aliens during the Diva's song.

5. Princess Leia
Even though she does have her damsel in distress moments in A New Hope, Princess Leia is one tough broad. She is pretty much the only Star Wars character who actually hits the Storm Troopers when she shoots at them. Also, even though she is taken prisoner by Jabba the Hutt, she does find her own way to escape.

6. River Tam
I am a fan of all of the female characters from the show Firefly, but the one that is probably the most memorable is River Tam. Even though she is more of a quiet fighter, like Mystique or Miho from Sin City, she does have some cool fight scenes.

7. Dana Scully
While FBI Agent Dana Scully isn't badass in the way that the other women on the list are, she is still one of my favorite sci fi heroines. On The X-Files, although she is often quite skeptical about the strange things going on, she still uses her brains to solve (or attempt to solve) whatever she and Mulder are working on.

8. Barbarella
I just love this movie because of how campy it is. The best part is this movie has to be the part where she beats the Excessive Machine, which is a machine that tries to orgasm her to death. Boy, if I had to pick a way to die...

9. Zoe
Another one of my favorite characters from Firefly is Zoe. I just love her because she is both tough, but also really witty and funny. In the below video you will find some great quotes from her.

10. Jean Grey
Another one of my favorites from X-Men is Jean Grey aka The Pheonix. She has telekinetic powers, and goes from being a good guy in the first two films to evil in the third film.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All I Want is to Watch Wuthering Heights!!!

Earlier this year I watched the 1939 film adaptation of Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights for the first time on TCM. I instantly fell in love with the movie, and have since read the novel as well as seen two other film versions. Even though there are several differences from the novel, including the fact that the film stops at chapter 17, the 1939 version is by far my favorite. Merle Oberon does a great job at showing how unlikable Cathy is, and I especially love Laurence Olivier's performance of Heathcliff. After seeing it, I couldn't get this movie out of my head, so I wanted to buy it on DVD so I can watch it whenever I want, and without having to watch it in sections on YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no Region 1 DVD of Wuthering Heights!!! I just don't understand why!! This film is on AFI's list of greatest Romance films, it came out in 1939, which is a big year for classic film fans. Why is this not on DVD? I've looked on eBay, but could only find Korean import DVDs of this film. I've even e-mailed the people at Criterion trying to get them to release it. It used to not be that big of a deal because I could still watch it online, but now the jackoffs at Paramount have pulled it from Youtube!! Now I can't watch it anywhere!!! I guess I'm just going to have to wait for it do come back on TCM, but according to their online schedule, its not going to be showing this month or next month.

Dear whoever owns the DVD rights to the 1939 version of Wuthering Heights,

Please release it on DVD.


P.S. Please make it soon.