Thursday, December 1, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 9: Spooky Little Girl

So...apparently only one of Vivien's twins is Tate's and the other baby is actually Ben's. Oh, and apparently Tate and Vivien's baby is also the antichrist! Yeesh...this show really likes to pile it on. We have two more ghosts in this house, one is Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, and the other is Constance's young lover who gets killed by Hayden. I REALLY think that they should stop there or else there will be no place to move in that house because it will be filled with ghosts. So, Ben finds out that one of the babies is not his, and he gives this little speech about his wife being a liar. What a hypocrite! For starters, Vivien had no idea that it was Tate in that latex suit and secondly, Ben cheated on Vivien numerous times with Hayden. So...what an asshole! Also, where the hell was Violet this episode? We didn't see her at all! We only saw a glimpse of Larry, and we only saw Tate when Constance was yelling at him for having sex with Vivien. "Tell me you didn't crawl on top of that man's wife!" There are only three more episodes left, so I am really curious about how they are going to end this season. Next week's episode looks SO GOOD!!!!

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