Friday, December 16, 2011

Violate: I Ship Violet and Tate Forever!!!

My Tumblr dash since yesterday morning has been flooded with photosets from Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story. It makes me really sad because most of them are of the final scene with Violet and Tate after her mom dies. Violet finally tells Tate that she loves him, but then dumps him and tells him to go away! (Which, if you're a ghost, means that you are forced to vanish...) Honestly, I do think that Violet was right to do what she did. Even though Tate really loves her, he has done a lot of fucked up shit, including indirectly leading to the death of her mother. I would be ridiculous of her to just overlook all of that stuff, so she did make the right decision.
Having said that, it was still really heartbreaking! One of the main reasons to watch this show is for the scenes with Violet and Tate. I really don't know how she is going to forgive him though. I mean, he put on his latex suit so he could trick her mom to have sex with him so that he could get her pregnant. Then his little antichrist baby killed her. That is a lot to handle, especially when you're the ghost of a teenage girl. But...they have all of eternity to make it work because they are both stuck in that house together forever. (Along with Tate's baby mama and a bunch of his victims...) I can not wait until next week's episode! Basically everyone in the house knows that Tate raped Vivien except for Vivien, so maybe next week she will find out...What I am really excited for are the Violet and Tate scenes!!!! After the end of Wednesday's episode, I am really curious as to how they will be around eachother...It is a really fucked up situation for both of them, but I will never give up on Violate!!!

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