Monday, December 5, 2011

Spotlight On: Cary Grant

Cary Grant is one of my absolute favorite Classic Hollywood actors. He was very charming and handsome, and I loved him in both comedic and dramatic roles. He is the male lead in several of my favorite romantic comedies, as well as some of my favorite Hitchcock films. Here are my favorite Cary Grant movies.

The Awful Truth
This is one of the several movies in which Grant plays a man who steals back his ex-wife from another man. My favorite part in the entire movie is the part where his ex-wife hides the man who he believed that she was cheating with in the other room when Grant's character shows up. Then when Ralph Bellamy shows up, he goes into that room to hide too and finds the other man there. I love the gesture that he makes to the hat, before he knocks it out of the other man's hand. "Yours?"

Bringing Up Baby
This movie features Grant as a man who is engaged to be married, but has Katherine Hepburn trying to win his heart. I love how she keeps tricking him into staying with her...You can find one of my favorite scenes HERE

His Girl Friday
This is my favorite of his screwball comedies. He plays newspaper editor Walter Burns who tries to win back his ex-wife by having her write one last story for him before her wedding. His Girl Friday is by far the greatest of the talking-a-mile-a-minute screwball comedies, and I love him paired with Rosalind Russell.

The Philadelphia Story

I love Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart, so I knew I would love this movie. I was right. This movie is funny, and adorable, and Grant is great as C.K. Dexter Haven, a man who (guess what!) is still in love with his ex-wife. But this time, he has to fight off two other guys, her fiance, and a reporter played by Stewart.

In one of my favorite Hitchcock films, he is paired with the absolutely stunning Ingrid Bergman. He plays a detective (?) who falls for the woman who he places undercover to get information about a man who he believes is a criminal. Unfortunately for him, she goes too deep undercover and ends up marrying this guy.

An Affair to Remember
This movie always makes me cry. Grant plays a man who falls for this woman while on a boat back home. They both have sugar daddys/mamas so they agree to give eachother six months to work so that they can marry eachother. They agree to meet on top of the Empire State Building, but unfortunately she gets hit by a car on the way there. I love the ending scene when they see eachother again after all of this time. When she opens the box from him and it is his grandmother's shawl it always makes me cry...

North By Northwest
In another great Hitchcock film that he did, Grant plays a man who is caught in a case of mistaken identity. This film has tons of iconic scenes, but the most well known is definitely the crop dusting scene. You can find it HERE

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