Friday, December 16, 2011

My Review: Shame

This was my very first time seeing an NC-17 film in go me! I thought that it would be totally awkward, but thank goodness there weren't any people sitting near me. This film features the very handsome Michael Fassbender as Brandon, a sex addict. He is constantly looking at internet porn, jerking off, and picking up random women (which is really easy for him...) He has a really strange relationship with his younger sister Sissy, who come to stay with him for a little while. I thought that this was a very odd role(and mature!) for Carey Mulligan to play because she has such a baby face. It was just weird seeing her do a nude scene. She plays a singer, and I really think that Steve McQueen should have cut the scene of her singing. Mulligan's rendition of New York, New York was like watching paint dry. (Although she does look lovely in all of her close-ups).  Anyways, this film isn't about Brandon trying to get over his addiction, but about coming (hehe) to terms with how he feels about it. Throughout the film you see more and more how ashamed he is of his addiction. There is a really intense scene when Sissy walks in on him masterbating, and he just flips out on her. There are several really graphic sex scenes in this movie, with the most graphic one being a three way sex scene with him and two other girls. There aren't really all that sexy though. While they are shot beautifully, they are just really sad because you know that it is just feeding his addiction. Fassbender really gives a fearless performance here. There are several really heartbreaking moments in this film, especially towards the end, and Fassbender really delivers. My rating: 7/10

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