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My Favorite TV Couples

Here is a list of my eight favorite TV couples. I was going to make it ten, but I honestly couldn't think of two more. These are couples who, no matter what they go through, I think should make it in the end.

8. Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother
HIMYM is a show that I only watch every once in a while, so I am really not an expert on the show, but I love Marshall and Lily. They are absolutely adorable together and I love their nicknames for each other: Marshmallow and Lilypad

How they got together: They met their Freshman year in college and have been together ever since
Current Status: No idea...but I'm sure the two of them are married by now...

Most Romantic Moment:
Like I said, I don't watch this show that often, but here is a cool video I found of the two of them...

Most Dramatic Moment: NO IDEA

Random Scene I Love:

7. Violet and Tate from American Horror Story
These two are an extremely dysfunctional couple. Tate is a homicidal ghost and Violet is a troubled girl who ends up committing suicide. Now these two are stuck in that house forever...

How they got together: They met when he was seeing her psychologist father and ended up getting to know each other better.
Current Status: They seem to be over for now...I can't really blame Violet, considering that he got her mom pregnant and then her mom died in childbirth...

Most Romantic Moment: After Tate attempts to save her life (we find out later that she actually died), he tells her that he loves her for the first time.

Most Dramatic Moment: Violet dumps Tate after her mom dies.

Random Scene I Love:

6. Liz and Max from Roswell
I loved this show when I was in elementary school. It isn't a show that I would get into if it was just starting now, but I still love it for nostalgic reasons. Max is an alien who has been in love with Liz since they were kids.

How they got together: Even though he loved her all of his life, they don't get together until she gets show one day and he heals her. Then, he has to explain that he's an alien and they end up falling in love
Current Status: Married!

Most Romantic Moment: Max proposes on the shows last episode...

Most Dramatic Moment: Oh goodness...the most dramatic episode ever is probably the season 2 episode The End of the World! A Max from the future goes back in time to convince Liz that she has to make Max from the present stop loving her or the world will end. After several failed attempts, she decides that the only way he will stop loving her is if he thinks that she slept with her ex-boyfriend Kyle. In the video at about 06:30 is the most heartbreaking moment ever...

Random Scene I Love:

5. Lorelai and Luke from Gilmore Girls
Even though Rory had three very cute boyfriends on the show, her relationships were not nearly as good as her mom's relationship with Luke.

How they got together: Luke had been in love with Lorelai since forever, but they didn't get together until the trial run of her new Dragonfly Inn.
Current Status: Although they called off their wedding and hit a rough patch, they got back together on the shows last episode.

Most Romantic Moment: I love when they go on their first date and she realizes that he has been in love with her for eight years. You can find the clip here:

Most Dramatic Moment: Probably when Luke and Christopher have a huge fight over Lorelai...

Random Moment I Love:

4. Sookie and Eric from True Blood
I am Team Eric all the way! I think that just one scene of the two of them together is better than all of the scenes of Sookie and Bill combined!
How they got together: Although Seasons 2 and 3 were filled with Eric/Sookie sexual tension, they didn't get together until Season 4 when she had to take care of him after his memory was erased by witches.
Current Status: Sookie couldn't choose between him and Bill, so she chose neither...(DUMB!)

Most Romantic Moment:

Most Dramatic Moment: Instead of choosing to be with Eric (which she should have!), she chooses to be with neither Eric nor Bill.

Random Scene I Love:

3. Kurt and Blaine from Glee
Klaine is my favorite couple on Glee, beating out both Finchel and Brittana. I read somewhere that they are recasting the show next season when all of the Glee kids go off to college. That really bums me out, and most of the reason is because we won't see more of Kurt and Blaine!

How they got together: They met when Kurt tranferred to Dalton. Kurt crushed on him for a while, then Blaine realized he liked Kurt too.
Current Status: Still together, but it wouldn't be a teen show without some relationship drama. Enter Sebastian, a guy who is making Kurt jealous...

Most Romantic Moment: Blaine tells Kurt he loves him...I love it because he just says it out of the blue.

Most Dramatic Moment: Blaine Drunk=BAD

Random Scene I Love:

2. Jim and Pam from The Office
Although I don't really watch The Office anymore, I used to watch this show religiously! One of the main reasons I watched it (besides the fact that it is hilarious) was for the scenes with Jim and Pam.

How they got together: After two seasons of Jim pining for Pam, and then one scene of them pining for each other, they finally started dating in Season 4.
Current Status: The last episode I saw was their wedding episode, but I read somewhere that they currently have a second kid on the way.

Most Romantic Moment: I cried when they finally got married.

Most Dramatic Moment: I remember freaking out durning the last episode of season 2 when Jim tells Pam that he loves her. I am so annoyed about not being able to find a better quality video than this...

Random Scene I Love: I LOVE the scene when Jim finds out that Pam is pregnant. It is even better because we are looking at them through the window, so we only know what is going on because of his reaction. It starts at about 1:04. I am very disappointed in Youtube for not having better videos! If anyone can find me better quality versions that I can embed, please let me know...

1. Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl
These two are another very dysfunctional couple. Although their good moments are very good, their bad moments are TERRIBLE! With all of the things that these two have done to eachother, they should hate eachother. However, despite all of the drama, these two are meant for each other and always find their way back.

How they got together: Blair lost her virginity to Chuck in the back of his limo after breaking up with his best friend Nate. They have been off and on ever since.
Current Status: Even though she is engaged to the Prince of Monaco and is carrying his child, she realized that she can't marry him because she is still in love with Chuck. Since the show never lets these two have a happy ending, they got into a horrible car accident right after getting back together. Although I highly doubt that Chuck is dead, I have to wait until January 16th to find out...

Most Romantic Moment: When Chuck finally tells Blair that he loves her. If you watch the show, then you know what a big deal this was...

Most Dramatic Moment: This is a tough one. These two have done some awful things to eachother. She slept with his uncle and destroyed his relationship with Eva. He traded her for his hotel back and flipped the fuck out when he found out that she was engaged. The worst thing, though, was probably when he had sex with Jenny. Blair was supposed to meet Chuck on top of the Empire State Building to prove that she loved him, so of course that was when Dorota went into labor. When she was late, Chuck was very upset and made the stupid mistake of sleeping with Jenny. What makes it worse is that Blair finds out right when Chuck is about to propose. You can find the scene here:

Random Scene I Love:

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