Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Finished Reading: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

I've never really read any erotica before, but I thought that Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy looked really interesting. To be honest, I really didn't find this book all that sexy. It is about this kingdom that takes royalty from other kingdoms and uses them as sex slaves. The prince of this kingdom wakes Beauty from her sleep (with his penis) and claims her as his personal slave. I have a tendency to picture myself as characters in books that I am reading and I had to stop doing that with this one. Beauty has to do some really humiliating and degrading thing in this book. I just wish she wasn't so submissive. If it were me I would just run away, regardless of how handsome the prince is. I also thought that this book was like two separate books. The first part was all about Beauty and the prince, but the second half is all about another slave named Prince Alexi. I plan to read the other two in this trilogy, so hopefully the second two will be better.

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