Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Horror Story Season Two I have just found out some interesting/ disturbing news that you can read about HERE. Apparently last night was the last we will ever see of the Harmons and the Langdons. They are making American Horror Story into an anthology show where each season will have a new setting, a new story, and a new cast. This really bummed me out when I read this. For starters, I have come to really like these characters. We will never see more of Tate, Constance, Moira, Chad, Patrick, Infantata, Elizabeth Short, or any of the other characters that I have had an interest in throughout the first season. It just sucks because it leaves you with so many unanswered questions. Like...will Violet and Tate ever get back together? What will happen with Vivien and Tate's anti-christ child?

I mean, an anthology show could be kind of cool. Having a new story each season would definitely keep the show fresh. I honestly don't see where they could have taken the show after last nights episode. All of the characters are dead, and you can't just have the entire second season be episode after episode of the ghosts scaring people out of their house. Turning American Horror Story into an anthology show is probably them just being lazy and not wanting to figure out how to continue this story. I mean, they never mentioned this before! If I knew that this story was only going to last this one season I probably wouldn't have got so invested in it. It just SUUUUUCKS!

On the bright side Ryan Murphy did say that, while we will have a lot of new faces, some of the cast will return. I am hoping that it is Jessica Lange and Evan Peters. Those two are basically the whole reason to watch the show. Of course, even if the two of them do return, they wouldn't be Contance and Tate. They would be two completely different characters and it could turn out completely awful! It says that we will find out more about the second season in February and I am really curious about where this is going to go...

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