Thursday, December 1, 2011

American Horror Story Ghosts

Okay, since there are so many ghosts in the Harmon house now, I am going to try to keep track of all of them. These are the ones that I remember at the moment (please tell me if I am missing any). If there are any more as the show progresses, I will be sure to add them to this list...

Young Moira
Older Moira
Demon in the basement
The nurse and the young girl
Home Invasion Girl
There was a guy with this, but I couldn't find a picture of him.

The Twins
Elizabeth Short
Okay, so that is 18 ghosts right there. We haven't seen Larry's wife and daughters yet as ghosts on the show, but since they died in that house, they are probably ghosts. That brings the count up to 21. I also have the theory that Tate didn't save Violet in time and that she is dead.
That would explain why she never leaves the house. On the other hand, wouldn't there be a body? you can see there are tons of ghosts in this house. I think that this show really needs to cool it with adding more and more ghosts and should focus on the characters they already have. I mean, on last night's episode we didn't see Violet at all, and we only had glimpses of Tate and Larry.

Update: 12/03/11Oops...I forgot about Constance's husband, who died the same day as Moira...

Update: 12/08/11
Also...Larry's wife and two daughters are ghosts. So their are 23 ghosts in the Harmon house...DAMN!!!

Update: 12/15/11
Okay, so I got rid of one of the home invasion girls because apparently she wasn't killed in the house. I don't really remember, but I'm going to go ahead and believe the comments...The ghosts count is still up to 23, however, because we have a new ghost.....Vivien Harmon!

Update: 12/22/11
Wowsers! I have three more ghosts to add after that season finale! First we have the exterminator guy who was killed by Tate.
Then, of course, we have Ben Harmon who was murdered by Hayden...

Also, interestingly enough, we have Vivien and Ben's baby, which was stillborn. The poor thing is going to be a baby for all eternity now...So now the ghost count is up to 26!


  1. There's one more ghost, Constance's husband.

  2. Oops...I knew I would forget one...

  3. Didn't they also kill the guy the millionaire that wanted to buy the house?

  4. Yeah, but I think that they got him out of the house before he actually died...

  5. What about Charles and Nora's baby?

  6. I think the demon thing in the basement IS Charles and Nora's baby. Also when did they first show Beau, and when did the above-mentioned millionaire show up? I don't remember those things at all, but I definitely haven't missed any episodes yet.

  7. Oh, actually it looks like I did miss an episode, Open House.

  8. Actually, only two of the three home invasion people are in the house. Bianca, the one that Tate axed, died a couple of blocks away.

  9. This is the list I have. These are ghosts that we have seen, so the exterminator guy is not listed since he has not appeared... yet. (Note, I only count Moira once).

    1. Dr. Charles Montgomery
    2. Nora Montgomery
    3. The Infantata
    4. Troy (Redheaded Twin)
    5. Bryan (Redheaded Twin)
    6. Tate
    7. Moira
    8. Gladys (Murdered Nurse)
    9. Maria (Murdered Student)
    10. Hugo
    11. Hayden
    12. Dallas (Home Invasion Guy)
    13. Fiona (Home Invasion Girl)
    14. Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia)
    15. Travis
    16. Lorraine (Larry's Wife)
    17. Angela (Larry's Daughter)
    18. Margaret (Larry's Daughter)
    19. Beau
    20. Violet
    21. Chad
    22. Patrick

  10. One of the home invasion girls (Dallas) died in the street and is not a ghost in the house. The police say they found her body and assumed that the other invaders had "black Dahlia'ed" her for running away.