Thursday, December 15, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 11: Birth

HOLY SHIT!!! What a fantastic episode! I was a total emotional rollercoaster that whole time! I'm not gonna lie, that opening scene have me the heebie jeebies, when little Tate first sees the Infantata. Yikes! But...then he gets comforted by Nora. The real craziness in this episode is that Vivien goes into labor! We find out that one of the twins is growing really fast, (it is never said, but I'm assuming it is Tate's baby), and that Ben's baby is getting weaker. So weak, in fact, that the poor thing ends up stillborn. After giving birth to the other one, Vivien dies!!! SHE DIES!!!! Oh yeah, and Violet finds out that Tate raped her mom! I couldn't help but feel bad though at the end when she told him to go away. I mean, he totally deserved it, but it was really sad when he was all "you're all that I have!" There was so much going on in this episode that I can't even keep it all straight. One of the best parts was when Tate was trying to seduce Patrick so that he could get his ring and then Patrick beats the crap out of him. I love the smile on his face after Patrick punches him. So he got his ring and Violet got Chad's watch because the medium told them about this spell that supposedly gets rid of ghosts.Of course it doesn't work! So, instead of getting rid of ghosts, we get one more when Vivien dies. The ending of this episode was so sad. I can't believe there is only one episode left!

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