Thursday, December 8, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 10: Smoldering Children

So it turns out that I was right! Violet is dead as a doornail. Tate put her dead body underneith the house. That sucks so much for her and her parents. Now they'll never be able to leave. I highly doubt that Ben and Vivien would abandom Violet there, so they are just stuck in the murder house with all of them ghosts. Speaking of ghosts, we got to see Larry's wife and daughter for the first time. They look all burned and gross. Speaking of burned and gross, we also find out that Larry didn't get burned by the fire that his wife killed herself with. He was actually burned at his office by Tate before he went off to do his school shooting. I don't understand why they keep changing Larry's story. First, he got burned by the fire he used to kill his family. Then we find out that they killed themselves. Then we find out that that isn't even how he got is just a coincidence. This show has so many plotholes, (like the fact that the medium said that Tate didn't know he was dead when now it seems that he has known the whole time) but it is still the first season and I think it just took a while for this show to figure out what it wanted to be. This episode also has the aftermath of Constance's boyfriend's death. Naturally, she is the main suspect even though he was killed by the surgeon ghost. Luckily for her though, Larry confessed to killing him. I thought for sure he was going to lie and say that he saw Constance do it or something, but instead he said that he did it. Now we have Vivien in a mental institution and Larry in jail...the characters on this show just can't catch a break! I'm bummed that there are only two more episodes left...sad face! :( Here's what I'm thinking will happen next week. I'm pretty sure that Violet is going to find out that Tate boned her mom. Ben totally saw his face before he passed out, so naturally he would tell Violet that her boyfriend is the father of one of her little brothers/sisters. She certainly won't be a happy camper when she finds out, especially since she is stuck in that house with Tate forever. Also, I'm hoping to see more of Zachary Quinto and Mena Suvari...I loved them as Chad and the Black Dahlia.

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