Monday, November 14, 2011

The Walking Dead Episode Five: Chupacabra

This whole episode was basically Daryl being a badass. They are sending out search parties to look for Sophia, even though they are never going to find her. Daryl takes a horse and plans to take it to the top of this ridge to see if he can see her. The horse he was riding gets spooked by a snake and knocks Daryl off. The horse runs off and Daryl goes rolling down a hill. When he gets up, we see that he has an arrow though his side! There were several times this episode where I thought that Daryl was going to die. I would have been pissed if he did because he is my favorite character! Anyways, since Daryl is such a badass, he still plans to climb to the top of the hill. Then he starts hallucinating and seeing his brother. When I saw Michael Rooker's name in the opening credits I got so excited!!! I thought maybe Daryl would see him as a zombie and then have to shoot him or something, but instead he was hallucinating that he was seeing him. Merle ends up motivating him to climb to the top by pissing him off, which ends up working. I am starting to really not care if they find Sophia or not, because this is going on too long. Daryl did end up finding her doll, but god damn! this is taking waaaay to long. Anyways, after all of that hardship, Daryl ends up getting shot by stupid Andrea!!! As soon as she said that she saw a walker I knew that it was Daryl, and they told her not to shoot, but stupid Andrea has to be so....stupid!!! Thankfully, she just grazed the side of his head. What an idiot!!!!

OH! I forgot to mention this one part that freaked me out. The part after Daryl first sees Merle and then realizes that a zombie is munching on his shoe! Yeesh!!!!

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