Monday, November 7, 2011

The Walking Dead Episode 4: Cherokee Rose

So Lori is pregnant!!!! What a shitty shitty time to bring a baby into this world. It'll be hard to run from zombies when you have a giant pregnant belly. All of the stress that comes with living in a zombie apocalypse certainly doesn't help with pregnancy either. But the question is...who is the father? Is is Rick or Shane? How much do you wanna bet that that child is going to come out with ginormous ears? Well, maybe Rick will finally know the truth about his wife and his best friend. What a terrible way to find out, though. Well you never know, the baby could end up having Rick's lovely blue eyes.
I think that I am right in thinking that they are never going to find Sophia. I thought for sure that Daryl was going to find her at the house where he found the Cherokee Rose, but nope! But..maybe Daryl giving the flower to Sophia's mom is a sign that they will find her soon. Maybe next episode? Also, how nasty was that zombie they found in the well? That was probably the most disgusting looking zombie they have ever had on the show. I knew that it was going to break apart when they were pulling it out of the well, but it was still really gross when it happened!! Also, I can't believe that old guy is going to make them leave. I mean, I understand that more people means more mouths to feed, more water being used, and more people to look after, but it also means more people to look after you. I really hope that he reconsiders. This season is getting so good!!!! Can't wait til next week!!!

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