Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Review: The Rum Diary

I have never read this book, but I'm certain that it must be better than the movie. This movie has a great cast, and has its interesting moments, but a lot of the time I was just bored and wasn't really caring about the story. Johnny Depp (who looks all kinds of good in this movie) plays a journalist who goes to Cuba to work for this newspaper that does a bunch of stories on bowling alleys. While there, he gets recruited by this guy played by Aaron Eckhart to write about an island that he plans to put a bunch of hotels on. He ends up getting drunk a lot, has run-ins with the law, and falls for Eckhart's hot girlfriend, played by Amber Heard (who is much too young for both of them). I don't know what it is about Aaron Eckhart, but whenever he gets mad in a movie it is just scary! Like there was apart where he got pissed off at Depp's character because he brought his photographer friend on his island and his boat. Yeesh...he was frightening... Anyways, I really didn't think that this movie had much of a plot, and I thought that Heard's character was kind of pointless. My rating: 4/10

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