Monday, November 7, 2011

My Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Saturday was my Indie Film day because after seeing Like Crazy, I took the bus to Uptown (which was on my way home anyway) and saw Martha Marcy May Marlene. I ended up liking this movie too. It is about this girl named Martha (played by Elizabeth Olsen) who escapes from this cult (where she is known as Marcy May) and goes to live with her sister. Her life with the cult is shown in flashbacks while she is dealing with living in a "normal" household with her sister and her husband. We find out that it is a cult where all the new girls are raped by the head of the cult, and then led to believe that it is a good thing. They also go to people's houses and steal from them. We see Marcy May's transistion from newcomer to cult member and we see how this changes her behavior, which is seen as not normal by her sister and her sister's husband. She does things like swim naked, and entering their room while they are having sex and laying down next to them. We eventually find out that she left the cult after she witnesses a murder at the hands of one of the other women that she lived with. I thought that Elizabeth Olsen was great and that they used the flashbacks really interestingly. I didn't really care for the ending though...  My rating: 7/10

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