Monday, November 7, 2011

My Review: Like Crazy

The total time it took me to take the bus to the theatre in back to see this movie was more than the movie itself, so I'm really glad that I loved this movie. I have been really wanting to see this, but the closest theatre it was in was in Edina, so I had to sit on the bus for about an hour, then walk around 10 blocks to get there. It was totally worth it. Like Crazy is such a sweet, subtle, moving, heartbreaking, romantic, amazing film. It is about these two people (played by the adorable Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones) who fall in love a little before they graduate from college. The problem is that the girl is from England and she gets banned from the country after she violates her student visa after staying three extra months in America to be with her love. So, the whole movie is the two of them dealing with their long distance relationship. They deal with issues of jealousy, missing eachother, trying to sort out her visa, and plane trips. There are times when they agree to see other people, but then end up getting back together because they miss eachother so much. They also both end up doing really well at work in their countries. The one thing that bothered me about this movie is that the guy is perfectly find with her giving up her job and moving to America, but he can't move to England. It would have been much easier that way, considering that he works for himself. Anyways, I really love how this movie shows the transition of time. Like for instance, when she overstays her visa, you see a montage of them in bed together over the course of the months, and then suddenly he is laying there alone. It never says "three months later" or shows her getting on a plane back to England, you just know that she is gone. You see something similar to this later when they are taking the train to the airport so he can go back to the States. They are sitting across from eachother, and it keeps cutting back and forth between the two characters, and then suddenly his chair is empty and she is wearing different clothes. It doesn't say how much time has passed, but we find out later that it is quite a bit of time. I thought that Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones were fantastic in this film. They were really cute together, and just made me really feel for these characters. I do with that Jennifer Lawrence had a bigger role. She plays Yelchin's American girlfriend and all she really does in this movie is look sad. I felt so bad for her during this one scene when he called her Jones's character's name. This was just a really sweet film with great performances, and was totally worth the long ass bus ride. My rating: 9/10

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