Monday, November 14, 2011

My Review: Immortals

I actually thought that this movie was pretty cool. I was expecting a cheesy rip-off of 300, and while I suppose you could call it that, I still thought it was a pretty cool movie. Of course, I am a sucker for the sandals and swords genre. Handsome Henry Cavill plays a man named Theseus who was trained to be a fighter by Zeus. After his mother is murdered, he ends up a slave, but escapes with another slave, a monk, and a virgin oracle. They are set on keeping this magical bow away from Hyperion (played by Mickey Rourke and his raspy voice) because he wants to use it to release the titans. There is a crazy part in this movie where Hyperion punishes a man who beytrays his fellow soldiers to join up with Hyperion. He says that he wants to end his bloodline, so he orders to have his junk bashed in!!! Yikes... The fight scenes with all the gods are pretty cool, but weird. What makes them strange is that while the gods are moving at a normal pace, whomever they fight move really slow. So do the gods slow down their enemies, or are they just moving really fast. I am assuming that it is the latter because they have these streaks of light that follow them. Freida Pinto's character kind of ticked me off in this movie. She plays the virgin oracle, who had these three decoys with her to protect her and her power, and she ends up getting it on with Henry Cavill and losing all of her power. Even though she said that she wanted to see things through her own eyes and that her gift was a curse, I thought that this was a slap in the face to her three decoys and the monk. These girls died to keep her and her power safe, and the monk cut out his own tongue to protect her, and then she just gives up all of her powers!!! I mean, yes, Henry Cavill is really hot, but still.... My rating: 7/10

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