Monday, November 28, 2011

My Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

I'm really not a fan of the Twilight series, but I thought that I would give this movie a shot. My verdict is that it was okay. I thought that the first three were terrible, but this one had a few moments that I liked. This must have been a long ass book because this is only part one. I think that this movie, with it's Avatar-esque ending would have been a fine way to end the series, I really don't see any reason why there should be more after this. I mean, they're married, they had their vampire kid, she became a vampire, what else needs to happen? I thought that the dialogue in this movie was all really corny, but that is nothing new for this series. Kristen Stewart is wooden and blah as usual, and Robert Pattinson is still good looking. I was getting really bored during this movie, especially during the middle. I have to give it to the people who did the make-up and the special effects because they really did a good job of making Stewart look like hell thoughout this movie. When she was getting all bony she just looked gross. I thought that the birth scene was actually kind of cool. These movies are made for like 13 year old girls, so I was really surprised during that scene. They have to cut her open, and then Edward has to get the baby out with his teeth! Yikes. I also thought it was pretty need at the ending, when Bella was healing, and you see her ribs pop back out. I thought it was kind of weird though that Jacob "imprinted" on their baby. I don't even really get what that means, but it seems pretty creepy. Why don't they just have him get together with that wolf girl? Also, since she is a vampire, shouldn't that baby stay a baby forever? How is she going to get older? My rating: 4/10

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