Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 8: The Rubber Man

Tate is the Rubber Man? TATE IS THE RUBBER MAN??? TATE!?!?!?? That is just so...weird! That means that his girlfriend's mom is pregnant with his babies. EEEW! His children will be siblings to his girlfriend. How weird is that? I'm also thinking that Violet is dead. I mean, the last thing that this house needs is more ghosts, but her being dead would explain why she hasn't been to school in 2 weeks...I love this show, but I'm really starting to wonder how they can keep it going. We are getting more and more ghosts each week and all this crazy stuff is happening...How are they going to keep it going for another season? For starters, they need to knock it off with the ghosts. There are like 20 of them now, and it is really getting rediculous. I also think that we need more scenes with Constance. She wasn't in this episode at all and neither was Larry. This episode was all about Ben thinking that Vivien was crazy. I was getting so pissed off at him, AND at Violet! It is all Violet's fault that her mom got taken away. If she would have just told the truth, then everything would have been fine...I was actually kind of glad though when Vivien shot Ben...he really deserved something like that.

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  1. I was wondering when i saw episode 8 the first time, zachary quinto is accosted by tate in the rubber suit, and roughs him up a bit BEFORE being drowned in the apple bob tub, though every episode copy ive seen since then has cut out the roughing up part and just goes straight into zach being drowned in the apple bob tub..where can i find the original episode 'UNCUT" thanks