Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 7: Open House

The last thing this show needed was another ghost, but this episode introduced us to Bo, Constance's deformed son who is chained up in the attic. So that brings the ghost count up to like a billion! We also find out that Larry is in love with Constance, and that he did not murder his wife and children like he claimed he did. Instead, we find out that his wife killed herself along with their daughters by setting their room on fire. Constance is such a terrible person, but I guess that is why I love her. I loved the scene between her and Larry after she meets him in the basement. In this episode they are really trying to sell the house, and they have this once prospective buyer. Moira tries to convince him to put a pool in the backyard so they can dig up the ground and find her bones. The buyer sees the young Moira, so I think that I was right before in thinking that only men see her as young because Vivien, Violet, Constance, and the realtor all see older Moira. Unfortunately for Moira and Tate, and the SEVERAL other ghosts who live in this house, this guy wants to tear it down and put in affordable housing. So, Moira bites his penis off!!! I couldn't believe it!!! She bit it off, and then Larry suffocated him. Yikes....

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