Thursday, November 10, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 6: Piggy, Piggy

So it turns out that Tate is a ghost who has no idea that he is dead. He was shot by a group of cops after he shot up his high school and killed the people we saw in the previous episode. It is really sad because he has no idea that he is a murderer and that he has been dead for about 16 years. Constance asks for Violet's help because she wants her to help him "cross over." I really don't want that to happen! Tate is one of my favorite characters on the show, and if he crossed over he wouldn't be around anymore! It was such a sad scene when we saw Tate dragging Violet down the hallway after he found her passed out after she tried to kill herself. I know that he is a crazy murderous ghost, but I really want it to work out between him and Violet. We also find out that Adelaide is not going to be a ghost. The medium that was talking to Constance said that she didn't get her to the lawn on time. That is kind of a bummer, but this show really does not need more ghosts. Including the several ghosts that I mentioned last week, we saw some this week that I forgot to mention. We have the ghost of the doctor that built the house as well as the people that were murdered in the home invasion. Oh, and I guess Vivien's baby is a demon! She went to see the ultrasound technician who fainted, and she said that the baby was a beast, with hooves and all...Yikes! Also, I feel so bad for the crazy urban legends guy. If he wasn't treated in  the Harmon's house he probably would have been semi-fine. Its hard to help a guy who is afraid that he will see a killer in the bathtup when you have ghosts everywhere! That also really sucked that he got shot! He was almost having a breakthrough. If he wasn't being robbed, then he would have seen that the Piggyman wasn't in his bathtub. Poor guy. He just has rotten luck.

So here is what I want to see happen:
  • more scenes with Tate and Violet (perhaps a scene where Violet tells Tate that he is dead)
  • I want to know who the Rubber Guy is! (I have a theory that it is the security guy. He is the right build and does appear to have a thing for Vivien...)
  • I want them to cool it on the ghosts. (We have over a dozen already...the house really does not need more)
  • I want someone to bitchslap Ben (what a douche)

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