Monday, October 31, 2011

The Walking Dead Episode 3: Save The Last One

God damn! They are never going to find Sophia!!! They barely even looked for her in this episode. I bet next week they won't even look for her at all. Anyways, I knew that Shane was going to be fine. I figured that Otis might die, but not in the way that he did! I thought that Shane was looking a little guilty when he got back without Otis, but I thought that was just because he couldn't save him or something. As soon as he was in the bathroom and they showed the patch of hair missing I knew that it was Shane's fault that Otis didn't come back. Poor Otis! Shane just shot him and let him get eaten by zombies so that he could get away! I mean, Carl was dying, they needed to get that respirator back, and the zombies were gaining on them, but that is still an aweful thing to do. He could have at least shot Otis in the head, so he didn't have to feel them munching on his body before he died. At least Carl is okay. I thought the part with the dangling zombie was really cool. When Daryl and Andrea see the man who tried to hang himself, but turned into a zombie first and got his skin eaten off his legs by other zombies. That just looked really cool. Even though they don't give him a lot of lines, I think Daryl is becoming one of my favorite characters.

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