Monday, October 24, 2011

The Walking Dead Episode 2: Bloodletting

Okay, so the episode starts out with a flashback from before the zombie apocalypse. Shane is telling Lori that Rick was shot and is in surgery. We then go to present time, where we see Rick running while holding Carl, who was shot in the previous episode. We find out that he was shot by some idiot who was hunting and they are running towards the farm where he is staying with a few other people. Luckily, one of those people is a doctor, and he gives Carl blood transfusions. Meanwhile, Rick is having a panic attack and freaking out because Lori doesn't know. The whole time I was just thinking "God damn why doesn't Shane go get her!" We then find out that Carl has internal bleeding and they need some medical supplies for the doctor to operate on him. So, Shane and the guy who shot Carl go to a local high school to go get them, while another woman goes to get Lori, who is still looking for Sophia with the others. Dale and T-Dog are still by the RV, and T-Dog has a nasty infection from the cut he got during the last episode. While Shane and the other guy are at the high school, they see that it is overrun with zombies. They distract them while they get to the medical supply van, but when they are not so lucky on their way out. So, the episode ends with Shane and the other guy trapped. Yikes...that was actually pretty freaky when they were running from them. How god damn scary would that be in real life? It was that much worse because of how close they were to them. Shane is one of the main characters, so he is obviously going to make it out alright, but I'm curious about how it is going to play out. Also, I can not believe that she still have not found Sophia! I mean, where the fuck is she? I thought for sure she was going to be with that family on the farm, but nope! Are they just not going to find her ever? Is she going to be just like Merle, a character we never see again? I guess we'll find out...Or maybe we won't...

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