Sunday, October 2, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Two

I've never read anything by Edgar Allan Poe, but I have always been curious to. Now that I've seen this film, I REALLY want to. I basically chose this film because it has two actors that I really like, Vincent Price and Barbara Steele, but this movie was amazing! Price stars as a man whose wife (Steele) has recently died. She supposedly died of fright, and although his doctor friend is positive that she died, Price fears that she was buried alive. This movie would have been cool with its Diabolique-esque ending, but they just kept going and it had an even better ending. I thought that I was going to have a panic attack during the pendulum scene. Those things freak me the eff out. I literally gasped when they showed the close-up of it going across that guy's stomach. Yikes! Anyways, this is definitely a movie I would recommend, especially if you're a Vincent Price fan like me.


  1. One of my favorite horror films & I think one of Mr. Price's most underrated is, "The Last Man on Earth", The FIRST film adaptation of Richard Matheson's novella, "I Am Legend." Notice how this film sets the scene for the 'zombies attack'
    genre that followed just a few years later with "Night of the Living Dead."

  2. The Last Man on Earth was actually part of my Horror-A-Day for 2010. :)