Friday, October 21, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Twenty

So far it seemed like I watched the good Argento movies last year, and the shitty ones this year. Now I have finally watched one that I kind of liked. It is about a young girl played by Jennifer Connelly (in her first starring role) who has the ability to telepathically communicate with insects. This comes in handy when other girls near her boarding school, including her roommate, get murdered. She works with this bug scientist to try to find their bodies using a certain type of fly. This movie got off to a good start and kind of dragged for a while in the middle, but the ending was nuts! It turns out that the killer is this deformed little boy named Patua! The part where he was going after Jennifer while she was in the boat was freaking me out! Patua is freaky looking!

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