Friday, October 21, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Twenty One/ My Review: Paranormal Activity 3

I thought for sure that this movie was going to end in the big house fire that Katie talked about in the first film! That was a pretty big plot point in that movie. She talked about how her house burned down when she was a kid and she lost everything, I thought that since this was a prequel to that, that it would get incorporated into this film. But...I was wrong. Anyways, this movie is about Katie and her younger sister Kristi when they were kids. Kristi has this imaginary friend named Toby. As soon as an imaginary friend was mentioned, I knew that it was going to be the demon. I'm sure that everyone figured that out right away. Anyways, this movie had its freaky moments. The first thing that made me jump was when their mom popped out of the closet wearing the mask. That startled me a bit... I thought that they camera on top of the fan was pretty cool. The panning motion is really effective in horror movies. When it pans and we see someone under a sheet in the livingroom, and then it pans to the babysitter in the kitchen, and then it pans to see noone in the livingroom, and then pans back to see the person under the sheet standing behind the babysitter. I thought that that was really cool. A better example would be in the movie The Orphanage when the main woman is playing the knock on the wall game. That is my favorite scene in that movie. Anyways, back to this movie. So, there are three cameras set up in the house, one in the mom's room, one in the girls' room, and one in the kitchen that pans to also see the living room. Nothing ever really happens in the mom's room, so all of the action is in the kitchen and the girls' room, since Toby lives in this little room that they have in their bedroom. So, all this crazy stuff happens, including a game of Bloody Mary that ends in Katie and her mom's boyfriend's friend getting freaked out. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't use the Bloody Mary game from the movie trailer. WTF!?! Anyways, so the mom doesn't believe any of it until she goes in the kitchen and all of the tables and chairs fall from the ceiling. Then, they go to the girls' grandma's house, and that is where even more crazy stuff happens. I was really disappointed in this ending. I was starting to think that this movie was actually pretty interesting, and then they had to ruin it with a shitty ending. So...the grandma is a witch? A witch that controls this demon named Toby? For starters, what kind of name is Toby for a demon? Secondly, why the hell did they have to bring witches into it? Third, why was Katie suddenly a demon at the end? She was a demon for like two seconds and then changed back. Fourth, how do the girls not remember any of this? I would certainly remember if a goddamn ghost/demon/whatever suddenly picked me up by my hair! This was a movie that had the potential to be good, but was ruined by a dumb ending. My rating 6/10

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