Thursday, October 13, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Twelve

I rented this movie only because it has Gale Harold, and before I started my Horror-A-Day all I was getting from Netflix was Queer as Folk seasons. He is sooooo goodlooking! Anyways, besides the times I got to look at his handsome face, this movie was pretty boring. It has the same plot as TONS of other horror movies, where a tramatic event happens and the husband and wife decide to movie away to some big spooky house. That was even the plot of American Horror Story, and I watched the pilot of that yesterday too, so I was kind of over it (Although I loved American Horror Story). So anyways, the wife finds out that there were tons of murders committed in this house, and then her husbands starts to change (Amityville Horror style). She also starts seeing ghosts, and is finding out that events in her life (including her pregnancy) are happening on the same date that they happened to the ghosts. She tries to leave, but for some reason her baby won't let her. At the end of the movie we don't know if her husband is actually changing, or if she is going crazy and imagining it. This movie wasn't terrible, but it definitely wasn't anything special.

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