Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Three

To be honest, I was kind of nervous about watching this movie. Now that I have seen it though, I see that I REALLY had nothing to be nervous about. While the whole concept of this movie is pretty disturbing, it is really not all that gory. I watched the unrated DVD version and the only real gore was when they showed a tidbit of the operation. Other than that it is basically just three people crawling around ass to mouth. After they show the human centipede for the first time, it basically goes downhill from there. The only part of this movie that I was actually creeped out by was the scene where the German guy explains to them what he is going to do. I mean, it starts out like a million other horror films, with two girls lost in the woods when their car breaks down and their cell phones don't work. I don't know why they didn't just walk along the road. Going through the woods is the stupidest idea possible. Then, they walk right up to the creepy doctor's house. I mean jeez, you don't just go walking into some strangers house! Don't they watch horror movies? There was a part in this movie that really pissed me off, though. One of the girls manages to escape and has an opportunity to run away and get help, but instead she chooses to go back for her friend who is already sedated. What an IDIOT!!! So, because she has to drag her friend upstairs and out of the house, she naturally gets caught and the German guy decides to make her the middle piece. If I was told that my mouth was going to be surgically attached to someone's ass, I would get the fuck out of there and bring police to help my friend. Apparently the sequel to this movie is going to be a lot gorier and "include all the blood and shit" that wasn't in this movie. I'm kind of curious to see it, but like I was for this one, I'm kind of nervous. I have to problem with blood, but I don't really care to see shit going in someone's mouth...In this movie it was more implied and not shown, and that was gross enough for me.

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