Monday, October 17, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Sixteen

I loved this movie! If you're looking for a movie with tons of werewolf action, this is not the movie to watch, but it has a great story. My one complaint is that it has waaaay to much backstory. It starts off with a begger who goes to this rich man's house. After the begger insults him, he puts the begger in the dungeon. Once in the dungeon, the only people he sees are the jailer and his daughter. Eventually the daughter grows up to be a beautiful (but mute) woman who gets thrown in the dungeon herself after she rejects the rich man's advances. While in there she gets raped by the begger, then kills the rich man, and escapes. She gets found by a man and his wife and gives birth to a baby boy and dies in labor. That boy grows up to be the werewolf character in the story. See what I mean? Way too much backstory. Anyways, the boy's name is Leon and is played by Oliver Reed (who was a handsome devil when he was young). We first see him turn into a werewolf while out at a pub with his friend. A girl takes him up to her place and he turns into a lycanthrope and kills her, then goes downstairs and kills his friend. Oliver Reed looks really cool in his werewolf makeup.

That picture doesn't really do it justice. You would have to watch the movie to see how cool it looks. Anyways, this is a great example of a Hammer horror film. I think that this is my favorite, along with The Curse of Frankenstein.

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