Monday, October 17, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Seventeen/ My Review: The Thing

John Carpenter's The Thing is actually a perfect movie to make a prequel for. It starts off with all of this stuff that had already happened, and that is what this movie is about. If you've seen the original (which you should!) then you know how this movie is going to end, with a man on a helicopter shooting at a dog that is actually an alien. I don't know why they have to call this movie The Thing too. If it was a remake I would understand, but it is a prequel so they could have at least come up with something lame like The Thing Begins or Before The Thing or something like that.
I just thought that this movie was okay to semi-good. There are some good parts, and the part at the end when Kate is trying to get that can and the alien pops out scared the hell out of me! I do appreciate how they explain certain things, like the burned alien they find in the original movie with the stretched out face. Except it isn't a stretched out face, it is two faces stuck together and stretched out. Also, they are very sneaky with who has been turned. The only time I ever guessed who it was was before the other girl turned. Anyways, there were parts where I was actually falling asleep too. And I never do that in the theatres. Also, it used too much god damn CGI!!! I know I sound like a broken record complaining about CGI in every horror film I review, but jeez!!!! The practical effects were the best thing about the original The Thing!!! That is what made it so great and so freaky. I don't care how creepy and slimy they make the alien look in this movie, it is still god damn CGI and we can clearly see that it is god damn CGI! Anyways, I thought that I knew who was going to be the guy at the end who would shoot at the dog, but I was wrong...My rating: 7/10

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