Monday, October 17, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Fourteen

This movie was actually supposed to be a part of my Horror-A-Day last year, but it was unavailable from Netflix because a bunch of other people wanted to see it too. I actually really loved this movie. I thought that is was fun and creepy and was just a great Halloween movie. I watched this movie on Friday, and then I went and bought it on Saturday. That is how much I liked it. It is a combination of stories. There is a high school principal who poisons a kid's Halloween candy and then puts him in a hole in the backyard, a group of kids who awaken some zombie children, a pack of werewolf girls, and an old man who is attacked by a little pumpkin-headed boy who wears a sack over his head. What made this movie even cooler was that there wasn't a whole lot of CGI. The werewolf transformation scene used CGI, but the actual werewolves were puppets, which was awesome! I also love the look of Sam with his mask off!

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