Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Eleven

Asia Argento is absolutely beautiful in this movie. The period costumes and the long flowing hair really work for her because this is the most stunning I have ever seen her.

The compliments for this movie stop there. Frankly, I just thought that this movie was absolutely rediculous. Since the first film adaptation of Phantom of the Opera was a horror film, I thought that it would be cool to be done by a great horror director like Dario Argento. Also, I love Asia Argento and have liked Julian Sands in movies like A Room With a View and Naked Lunch. So, even though this movie had a potential to be good, it was just (I hate to say it...) stupid. Instead of having the Phantom be disfigured like in the novel and EVERY other film adaptation, they just put a horrible long blonde wig on Julian Sands. The artwork for this movie (that you can see above) is totally misleading because he doesn't even wear the mask. How are you going to have the Phantom of the Opera without the Phantom wearing that white mask!?!?! Anyways, so the Phantom was raised by rats since he was a baby, has psychic powers, and likes to bite and scratch people. (I'm guessing that's a rat thing...) He falls on love with a pretty young singer named Christine (Argento) and keeps summoning her to his lair. I love Asia, but her character was just rediculous. She keeps going back and forth with the Phantom, loving him one minute then hating him the next. One moment she says that she hates him, and then they end up having sex. One moment she bashes him in the head with a rock, and the next moment says "Forgive me!" I'm just like "Damn girl, make up your mind!" Also, the Phantom isn't her only suitor, so she is also going back and forth with this other guy. This movie was basically two hours wasted...

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