Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Horror-A-Day: Day Eighteen

Hammer horror films always have such pretty girls and a great use of color. This movie definitely has both. Yvonne Monlaur is very lovely as the assistant schoolmistress who is trying to get to her new job. After her stagecoach and driver run off she ends up staying at an older lady's house where she finds the son chained to the wall in his room. So, she sets him free, but we soon find out why he was chained up. The son is a vampire who throughout the movie makes several other vampires while being hunted by Abraham Van Helsing. This is the third movie that I have seen with Peter Cushing in this role. I don't know what it is about Hammer vampires, but they always look strange to me. I used to think it was because they were in Technicolor, but now I think that it is because their fangs are so thick!

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