Thursday, October 20, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 3: Murder House

Okay, so one of my questions from last week was answered. This week we learned the relationship between Constance and the maid. In 1983, Constance shot Moira in the eye after finding her husband trying to rape her. So, that is the reason why she has a bad eye. Later in the episode, we also see her grave so the maid is really a ghost. Something that I found really interesting is that the detective saw her as young too. So do all men see her that way? In episode 2 I don't think that Tate saw her as young, but I could be wrong. You barely saw Tate in this episode. You only saw him twice. Once when Violet was smoking and then you saw a glimpse of him when Constance was looking in the window. I swear the two of them have some sort of connection. I'm thinking that he is her son. She did mention that although she had several children with downs syndrome, that she did have one "perfect" baby. I'm kind of thinking that it is Tate.
So anyways, instead of answering all of my questions, this episode left me with more. We got an appearance by another ghost. She is the ghost of the woman who first lived in that house. We see a huge wound on the back of her head, so I'm assuming that she was murdered by her crazy husband. Also, we get another appearance by Kate Mara, who plays the girl that the husband had an affair with. We learn that she didn't get the abortion and that she wants to tell Vivien that she is pregnant. Well, Larry the burn victim takes care of that problem because he KILLS HER!!! I couldn't believe it! He comes out of nowhere and hits her over the head with a shovel!!! Here is my face when that happened...
So, Larry buries her and that is how they find Moira's grave. Crazy crazy episode! I can not wait until next week! Here is what I'm hoping for next week: more scenes of Tate and Violet, an explanation for the leather-wearing guy from episode 1, an explanation of the relationship between Tate and Constance, a confirmation of whether or not all men see Moira as young, and a giant rock to fall on the husband's head (not killing him, but hurting him!), an explanation about the ghost from the 20s (or was it 30s?), and also I think that it would be cool to have Kate Mara's character come back as a ghost (hey, it worked for Moira...)

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