Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Blood Season 4

I am always a season behind on all of my favorite shows because I have to wait for them to come out on DVD. You can watch them online, but unfortunately my internet doesn't work on my laptop anymore. Since I am obsessed with the show True Blood, and don't want to wait for the DVD, I am forced to watch it in the computer labs at school. It is kind of embarassing because there is a lot of nudity on this show and I'm always paranoid that people are looking at my computer screen. Anyways, I just finished episode 4, and I am loving it so far! While I think the whole werepanther thing is a wee bit rediculous, I am loving how you see lots of Eric this season! He is by far my favorite character, and Alexander Skarsgard is just sexy!! I'm loving the whole amnesia plot, and you can totally tell that Sookie is starting to dig him now! Ugh, when stupid Bill had to show up at Sookie's house when they were about to kiss, I was like "GOD DAMMIT!"
I'm just curious about what the hell else they are going to bring to this show. Now there are vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, fairies, werepanthers, and witches. What's next, zombies and Frankenstein people? Mummies? And BTW, what the hell is up with Arlene's baby? If anyone reads this who has seen the entire season, please DO NOT answer any of these questions, I would like to find out for myself....

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