Friday, September 16, 2011

Spotlight On: Geena Davis

This week's spotlight is a pretty short one, but I love Geena Davis. I have only seen her in four movies, but those four are some of my favorites. She is a great actress and she is also really charming, and has one of the best smiles in Hollywood history. I haven't seen her in anything recently, but I would love to see her work more! Here are some great Geena Davis roles...

The Fly
In The Fly, Davis plays a reporter who falls for a guy who is turning into a fly after he gets into a teleportation device with, well, a fly. One of the movie's creepiest (and most disgusting) scenes is her nightmare where she dreams that she is giving birth to a giant maggot. Her best scene, however, is the ending where she has to kill the disgusting creature that was once the man that she loved. I feel like a huge dork for admitting this, but I actually cried the last time I watch this movie...

In Beetlejuice, Davis plays a woman who drowns to death, and then gets stuck haunting her house with her husband while new people move in. They want the people out of their house, so they try to scare them off by possessing them and wearing sheets, but unfortuately nothing works...

Thelma and Louise
Love this movie! Davis and Susan Sarandon are both amazing in this film. They play two girls who just want to go on vacation, but after they kill a guy who tries to rape Davis's character, they head off to Mexico. Davis plays the more emotional of the two heroines, but also the one that really continues their crime spree. Here is one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

A League of Their Own
Here Davis plays a woman who is recruited to be a part of the first female baseball league. While her sister wants it more, she is the one with the more natural talent. While I do wish that her character would have stayed (!), her heart just wasn't in it, and she wanted to be with her husband.

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