Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creepiest Trees

My parent's house is surrounded by trees, so in my bedroom growing up I would always see the shadows of trees coming through my blinds. For some reason, this would always freak me out and I wouldn't be able to sleep because I would be imagining that the branches were moving and coming through the window. Even to this day, I still find trees to be a little creepy. I must not be the only one because there are a bunch of movies that have creepy ass trees. Here are the ones that I think are the creepiest.
Hanging Tree from The Nightmare Before Christmas
While he doesn't have a very big role in the movie, he does have quite a presence with his deep voice and the skeleton's hanging off of him. "Everybody scream, everybody SCREAM!"

Grabbing Tree from Santa Claus is Coming To Town
He is a minion of the Winter Warlock, who holds the future Santa Claus hostage when Winter finds him going by his mountain. But, according to Winter, his "bark is worse than his bite."

Talking Trees from Wizard of Oz

Probably the grumpiest trees ever. How was Dorothy supposed to know that trees didn't like having their apples picked?

If I was climbing a tree and then suddenly saw that it had eyes, I would probably shit my pants. BTW, I love this part because Billy Boyd makes the best scared face ever when he first notices that Treebeard is alive.

Rapist Tree from Evil Dead
Yikes...this one gives me the heebie jeebies. Every time I watch this scene I can't help but go "AAAAGH!!!" This tree tangles itself around her, rips her clothes off, and then, uh well you know... I mean, damn, what could feel worse than that?

Boy-Eating Tree from Poltergeist

This is the one that freaked me out the most when I was a kid just because I trees close to my window. I watched this movie all the time, and while most people freak out during the clown scene, this is the scene that always scared me. It's creepy enough that it bursts through the window, but when it starts EATING him...yeesh...

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