Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Character of the Week: Magneto

This week's character of the week is Erik Lensherr a.k.a Magneto. He is a mutant who has the power to manipulate metal, and is one of my favorite X-Men characters. He has been played by both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender, who are both actors that I love. I actually took the bus downtown to go to Target on Friday just so I could get my copy of X-Men:First Class. You had a choice of what cover you could get, so I of course chose the one with Magneto on the cover.

Poor little Erik Lensherr grew up in a Nazi concentration camp which is where he discovered his mutant powers. He grew up to be an incredibly handsome man so was set on killing Sabastian Shaw, the man who murdered his mother.

While he starts out as an ally to Charles Xaviar, he soon realizes that as a mutant, he is better than the human race, and doesn't agree with Charles's sympathies towards the humans.

As he grows older, he becomes more and more of a villian.

Unfortunately for Charles, he loses his powers at the end of X-Men 3, due to the "cure." But, at the end we do get a hint of it coming back when he moves the chess piece...I'm sure that I'm not the only one hoping for an X-Men 4!!! I would also love an X-Men: First Class 2. I'm always down for more McAvoy and Fassbender! Plus I'm really curious to see Magneto and Mystique's relationship grow even more.

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  1. With the death of Phoenix and Professor X, /magneto became the most powefull mutant. I suggest a new saga: Magneto Returns and becomes a true hero after facing a greater menace.

    Ricardo Vieira (Brazil)