Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just Finished Reading: Dracula

I found it quite odd that the title character is barely in this book. I was expecting at least some of the novel to be from his perspective, but none of it is. The only dialogue that he has is in the beginning when Jonathan is at his house. I understand why they had to make up the whole love story subplot for Francis Ford Coppola's film version. If they hadn't, you wouldn't have seen Dracula at all! Having said that, I did like parts of this book. I loved the parts with Lucy. How she is turning into a vampire, and then terrorizing children when she is supposed to be in her grave. I do think that the ending is somewhat abrupt. I mean he just dies. They stab him and he turns to dust.  There is all of this build up and then it just ends like it was no big deal. How lame is that?

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  1. I know, right? It was totally anti-climactic, I too felt really disappointed when I read it. Plust it was really corny in between - granted that it may have to do with the times etc. but I just thought everyone kept going on about how "so good and angelic" everyone else was. Got on my nerves a bit.
    Liking your blog; look forward to reading more of your posts :)