Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Finished Reading: Anna Karenina

I'm pretty sure that this was the longest book I have ever read. I actually really liked it however. I found the story very interesting, and I would sit and read it for hours at a time because I didn't want to put it down. I actually read like a third of it in just the past two days. While I was expecting a first person narrative from our title character, Anna doesn't actually come into the story about chapter 18 or 19 in part one. The story has two major plots; Anna and Vronsky, and Levin and Kitty. It is interesting because Anna and Levin have so many connections, but they only ever meet once. I thought that it was sad how Anna ended up getting all bipolar at the end, even though Vronsky did still love her. Personally, I think that the worst part of the book was the last section. Even though Part 8 was the shortest section, it seemed like the longest because it was basically just Levin being all depressed.

When I read books, especially ones as long as this one, I always picture them as movies in my head. So here was my cast...

Anna was, of course, played by myself. I always picture one of the characters to be myself, and since the main character was female, that is obviously going to be me. One of the reasons that I didn't really care for At the Mountains of Madness was probably because it didn't have any female characters.

Vronsky was Michael Fassbender. If I was to leave my husband for anybody it would be him. Karenin was Clive Owen. It says that he has a high squeaky voice, but I like Owen's deep voice better. Also, there is a DVD for the movie Closer sitting right by my bed. Oblonsky was Jude Law and his wife Dolly was Jennifer Connely. Levin was Ben Affleck and Emily Browning was Kitty. So that the cast of Anna Karenina in my brain. What is really funny is that I was reading about an upcoming film version of Anna Karenina yesterday, and Jude Law is actually going to be in it, except he will be playing Karenin instead of Vronsky. I was psyched when I saw that Keira Knightley was going to be Anna, but I'm less than pleased at Aaron Johnson being Vronsky. He is way too young!

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