Thursday, August 25, 2011

Iconic Horror Scene: The Ring (2002)

This scene is from the 2002 remake of the Japanese film Ringu. I have seen both of them, and I have to say that the remake is a lot scarier. There are tons of great scenes in this film, but this is the one that I believe is the most memorable and the most chilling.

It starts out with this guy who notices his TV turn on. You know that he has watched the tape and that his seven days are up, but you don't yet know how he is going to die. He doesn't really think anything of it, so he just goes and shuts it off. Then, it suddenly turns back on, only instead of static, we get the image of the well.

Seeing Samara crawl out of the well is already creepy enough, but then we see her move closer and closer to us until she suddenly crawls out of the TV!

Yikes! You see that she is soaking wet and appears to be oozing water. Then comes my favorite part. Instead of simply walking across the floor to him, she just skips forward! Then you get a nice close-up of her face after her hair moves out of the way. Instead of sweet little Daveigh Chase you get this grotesque looking face.

Love it!

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  1. I'm gonna dress up as Samera ant school tomorrow. I'm gonna scare hecka people. I agree with this being better than the original. :)