Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movies That Made Me Bawl My Eyes Out

Cold Mountain
I never used to cry while watching movies. I used to sit there and make fun of my mom for crying. That was all until I saw Cold Mountain. I went to see it in theatres with my mom, and that movie is filled with sad parts. The part that got to me, however, was the scene with Natalie Portman, where the Yankees come and raid her place. It's an awful scene. They tie her to a pole and lay her sick baby on the ground, and the whole time shes crying and asking them to cover up her baby. Suddenly, I just started feeling really bad, and my throat got sore, and I started to cry. Ever since then, I cry over everything!!! It is extremely annoying. I started crying last week at the end of The Fly, when Geena Davis killed Brundlefly! I hate crying in front of other people, so it is extremely embarassing, but every since I saw Cold Mountain there have been tons of movies to make me cry. There are only a select few, however, that made me bawl my eyes out. By bawl my eyes out, I do not mean just a few tears, I mean actually sobbing, and making noise, and obnoxiously crying. Sometimes it's just from one scene, or from the whole movie, but these are the movies that make me bawl my eyes out.

...Because they are romantic.
I'm going to start with this category, because these are the movies that I felt really stupid for crying over.

The first time I saw this version of Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights I was watching it on TCM in my mom's room. I was all sick and laying there under the covers, and I watched it because I just felt like watching a nice romance movie, which is what I thought this was. It really isn't. This movie is so sad! The part where Heathcliff overhears Catherine saying that it would degrade her to marry him made me start to cry, while also saying "that bitch!!!" I really lost it at the end though when Cathy dies. I've seen this movie tons of times since then, so I don't really cry anymore, but while watching for the first time, it wasn't pretty.

When she is not able to meet him at the Empire State Building because she gets hit by a car, its sad, but for some reason, I really cried my eyes out during the end scene. When she opened the gift from him and it was his grandmother's shawl, I started crying just hard, and it only got worse when he opened her bedroom door and his painting was in there. Then of course they have to cheese it up by adding the worst line ever. "If you can paint, then I can walk!" Oh well, I still love this movie...

There was one moment in this movie that made me cry. Near the ending, when Mathilde finds out that her fiance is still alive and she starts crying out of happiness, just the look on Audrey Tautou's face was enough to make me sob for like ten minutes. I couldn't find a video of that scene, but here is the scene right after it...

...Because they are depressing.
These are the movies that I don't feel stupid for crying over because they are supposed to make you sad.

After the last time I watched this movie I planned on never watching it again because of how hard it made me cry. I was crying sad cries, and pissed off cries (which are much worse) and I am just glad that I was watching this by myself. To be honest, I don't even remember all that much about this movie because of how long its been since I've seen it. I just remember that its about a lawyer who is defending a guy who shot these two racist pieces of shit who raped and murdered his daughter. A part that I remember crying really hard during was his closing argument, which you can find HERE.

Frankly, I find the whole "I'll never let go Jack" part totally cheesy, but there is one image from this film that makes me cry just thinking about it. It is when they are doing the whole montage of the ship sinking and you see the old couple in the bed, and the man kissing his wife. Gets me every time...

I've only seen this movie once and I don't think I could handle watching it again. The scenes of the kids at the kidnappers house were just awful, so they made me cry, along with the scene when she gets to the mental institution. A majority of the crying that I did while watching this though, was from getting really pissed off at the stupid goddamn cops in this movie!!! GRRR!!!!

I got this movie for Christmas a few years ago, and no matter how many times I watch it, every single thing in this movie makes me cry!!! The part that really makes me get obnixious and sob, however is when they are getting ready to leave for the dance. When Kate goes up to her father and says, "Do I look pretty, Daddy?" I always lose my shit. I don't know why, but that part always gets to me... You can find the scene HERE.
Damn this movie...this is the most depressing movie ever. It is just fill of shitty things happening to this poor girl, and then it doesn't even have a happy ending. I was a wreck during this whole movie. My friend Dana and I took a bus to go see this movie, and I was still crying on the bus ride home. Never again! I refuse to watch this movie ever again!

...Because they are disturbing.
These are movies that made me cry because I was just horrified by what I was seeing.

Fuck this movie. I wouldn't watch this movie again if somebody paid me. It's not because it is an extremely violent movie, either. Movie violence I can handle. It is because this is basically just a snuff film. While all the violence towards humans is fake, all the violence towards animals is real. They cut a turtle out of its shell and kill it, they cut off a monkey's head, and kill several other animals. I have never been offended by a movie before, but this movie just disgusted me more than anything I had ever seen before. I only wish now that I had never seen it.

What makes this movie really disturbing is that it is based on a true story. Ellen Page plays a girl who is tortured by a woman who is supposed to be taking care of her while her parents are away. What is worse is that all of the neighborhood children join in as well. They burn her with cigarettes and do several other horrible things that I don't care to write about. It also has a really sad ending. There is another movie based on this story called The Girl Next Door, and after watching this version, I really don't care to watch that one.

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  1. Omg the movie my sisters keeper i cry through the whole movie. I watched it the other night with my fiance and he had a few tears fall here and there, me i had tears streaming down the whole time. He kept handing me tissues and wiping his own tears. That movie will make anyone cry. If my fiance who never sheds a tears got emotional then anyone will