Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Character of the Week: Eric Northman

This week's character of the week is the sexy viking vampire Eric Northman. He is my favorite character from one of my favorite shows, True Blood. While not a very big part of season one, you got to see a lot more of Eric in seasons two and three. He is a 1000 year old Swedish vampire who is also a Sheriff and owns a club called Fangtasia. He is also fiiiiiiine!!!! I'm normally not into blonde guys, but he is very tall and I love it!!!! All throughout seasons 2 and 3, I'm just like "will Eric and Sookie just do it already!!!" Everytime it seems like it's going to happen, and it turns out to be a dream I get very disappointed. My favorite Eric moment is definitely when he tricks Sookie into drinking his blood.

I was psyched in season three when Sookie and Eric finally kissed (and it wasn't a dream) !!!

I love this show!!! I just wish that we had HBO so I wasn't always a season behind...

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